Wednesday, November 21, 2007

If Dan Snyder Needs Five Bodyguards in Dallas...

Do you think they get together at the end?

Is this guy for real? Sunday at Cowboys Stadium Redskins owner Dan Snyder took the field two hours before gametime trailing five bodyguards as reported by the Washington Times' Ryan O'Halloran.

Two hours before kickoff, probably not enough time for the sniper to set up a clear shot. No word on whether Dan had bulletproof glass installed in his box, if he had a food taster or had midgets and children dressed up as body doubles walking around the stadium.

Anyway I think it's funny because Dallas fans I am sure loooooove Dan Snyder, after all the Redskins are 4-11 against the Cowboys since Dan took over with the Redskins only season sweep in that time coming in 2005 while over that same period the Cowboys have swept the Redskins four times. Yes I am sure Cowboys fans would like to sit down with Dan, give him a big hug and buy him a steak dinner.

I think Dan would have a greater need for bodyguards if he were to wander the stands at Redskins Stadium.

Kevin Costner as The Bodyguard from here.


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5 bodyguards? that's to much for a single person don't you think?