Monday, April 28, 2008

Redskins Tenth and Final Pick: Safety Chris Horton

Can another hitter in the backfield be a bad thing?

The Redskins used their tenth and final pick in the 2008 NFL draft, seventh round 249th overall, to select UCLA safety Chris Horton. Add another hitter to the Redskins secondary. From's profile of Chris:

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 212 lbs

Pros: a big hitter, will make receivers think hard about going over the middle, can cover the pass play the run and spy the quarterback, on field leader, good field vision, excels on special teams.

Cons: goes for the big hit at times at the expense of making a play, not much burst and not as fast as timed speed, may have hard time with deep playbook, has trouble behind the play, physical nature of play may lead to injury problems.

Curly R quick take: it's LaRon Landry's team back there now so why not bring in another player of his type to learn and spell the man a few plays each game. Here at the end of the draft, the tenth pick and seventh round, just take the player you think can make the team.

Washington Redskin Chris Horton intercepting a pass: AP photo from here.

Redskins Ninth Pick: Defensive End Rob Jackson

Can lightning strike again?

The Redskins used their ninth pick in the 2008 NFL draft, seventh round 242nd overall, on Kansas State defensive end Rob Jackson. Although late in the draft to take a player at a position of considerable need, the Redskins have had recent luck on the defensive line late in the draft. From's profile of Rob:

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 257 (a good start)

Pros: huge upside based on last two seasons' performance, good hands against offensive tackles, good wrap up tackling form, stays with the play.

Cons: little burst off the line will not concern many offensive tackles or QBs, does not provide much run support, needs to improve hand work and foot work, lacks pursuit speed behind the play.

Curly R quick take: I can get behind the notion that defensive lineman past the first few rounds are a disproportionate risk against the value of the pick and the Redskins have had good recent experience on the defensive line with Lorenzo Alexander (undrafted), Chris Wilson (undrafted), Kedric Golston (sixth round) and Anthony Montgomery (fifth round), all of whom contributed to the number six overall defense last season.

Washington Redskin Rob Jackson wrapping up a hapless University of Kansas player from here.

Redskins Eighth Pick: Quarterback Colt Brennan

The next Drew Brees? Or the next Andre Ware?

The Redskins used their eighth pick in the 2008 NFL draft, sixth round number 186 overall, to select record setting University of Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan. While not a prototypical NFL quarterback, Colt ran one of the most prolific offenses in football and may be a good pick to grow with Jim Zorn's offense.

From's profile of Colt:

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 205 lbs

Pros: very accurate and mobile in the pocket, can throw on the move, can digest an offense, makes good reads on defenses and can adjust at the line, has a relatively quick release, has patience to wait out secondary options, respected leader in the huddle.

Cons: needs to take better care of the ball, needs to get better air under deep balls, needs to toughen up physically to withstand NFL class punishment, when rattled release migrates toward sidearm.

Curly R quick take: a much better pick than last year's seventh round QB selection of Jordan Palmer who was so raw he was cut after his only preseason action. Colt fits the bill for the Redskins, Todd Collins is no more than a year or two insurance policy. Colt's experience (run & shoot offense) and skills (good reads, quick release) make him a good fit for Jim Zorn's offense. Will likely make the team as third QB in 2008 but will not see any serious playing time unless the Redskins crater, are out of it early and want to evaluate for the future.

Washington Redskin Colt Brennan: AP photo from here.

Redskins Seventh Pick: Safety Kareem Moore

A project at a position of need

The Redskins used their seventh pick in the 2008 NFL draft, sixth round number 180 overall, to select safety Kareem Moore from Nicholls State. Although Reed Doughty and LaRon Landry were a great team last season another player was needed to fill an opening. From's profile on Kareem:

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 213 lbs

Pros: solid physique, stays in position, good field instincts, provides solid coverage in zone, plays well against the run, quick study against a deep playbook, solid hitter, has good vision for the QB, good hands for the ball.

Cons: lacks explosiveness, needs to improve in man to man coverage, does not play as quickly as his timed speed, needs to keep play in front of him, questions about the level of his compeition.

Curly R quick take: might have liked a linebacker or another offensive lineman with this pick but I won't argue with a safety. Neither Pierson Prioleau nor Omar Stoutmire has proven to be a reliable every down player at the position and adding Kareem to the mix of LaRon Landry and Reed Doughty might be good for the position. In an ironic lol, the profile of Kareem compares him to Ryan Clark, the former Redskins and current Steelers safety who was at the center of the winter of discontent with now deceased safety Sean Taylor.

Washington Redskin Kareem Moore (number seven): James Nielsen / AP photo from here.

Redskins Sixth Pick: Punter Durant Brooks

A punter? Really? Oh wait he's the nation's best punter.

The Redskins used their sixth pick in the 2008 NFL draft, sixth round number 168 overall, to select Georgia Tech punter Durant Brooks. A finalist in 2006 and winner of the 2007 Ray Guy award, Durant was the top rated punter in the draft. After two great picks in day two the Redskins once again filled a position that was not really a need.

From's profile of Durant:

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 204 lbs

Pros: kicks for major hang time and distance and consistently, quick enough to stay with coverage on punt plays, no conscience for bad kicks, angles kicks well toward sideline, a good holder on field goals.

Cons: shies away from contact on return plays, needs to reduce the number of touchback kicks inside the 20, no experience as a place kicker or kickoff specialist so cannot fill in even in emergencies.

Curly R quick take: ok so his 45.1 punting average in 2007 is only four yards longer than current Redskin punter and five year NFL veteran Derrick Frost. Is landing the best punter in the draft really a good thing? Expecially when you still needed some help at defensive line and linebacker? Or maybe another offensive lineman? One way to interpret this is some serious training camp competition for Derrick Frost, another is that the Redskins are planning on a lot of three and outs deep in their own territory.

Washington Redskins Durant Brooks: AP photo from here.

Redskins Fifth Pick: Cornerback Justin Tryon

And the Redskins secondary will stay chatty

The Redskins used their fifth pick in the 2008 NFL draft, fourth round number 124 overall, to select Arizona State cornerback Justin Tryon. Justin is an experienced cover cornerback who can also play the run. Another good pick that matches up with a Redskins need. From's profile of Justin:

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 190 lbs

Pros: experienced, used to covering opponents' top receiver, can cover larger receivers, provides good run support, stays with receivers on deep throws, skilled at reading opponents' routes, stays in position, good wrap up tackler, not fooled by receiver double moves, can swat balls away at the point of catch, not shy with his mouth.

Cons: gets blocked off plays easily, needs to improve hands and not rely on trapping the ball, needs to improve timing on jump balls, weak tackler easily brushed off by larger receivers and backs, needs to get larger to be a regular NFL player, may have trouble digesting a large playbook and needs to show greater commitment to football in general, fooled by QB playaction fake, liberal use of mouth tends to attract needless penalties.

Curly R quick take: despite his favorite team being the Dallas Cowboys and his favorite player being Deion Sanders, Justin is a great pick, he addresses a serious need for the Redskins in the secondary. With Carlos Rogers coming back from a serious knee injury and Shawn Springs as ever the subject of much offseason speculation, Fred Smoot may be the Redskins top corner to start the 2008 season. Backstopping Fred Smoot with Justin provides depth and a mentor and I just hope there are not too many mouths back there. Wouldn't it be funny if Justin was just as loud as Fred Smoot but a right wing conservative to counter Fred Smoot's godless redistributive bleeding heart liberalness?

Washington Redskin Justin Tryon, Lisa Olson East Valley Tribune from here.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Redskins Fourth Pick: Offensive Tackle Chad Rinehart

Some of what you need to go with what you don't

The Redskins used their fourth pick in the 2008 draft, third round 96th overall, on offensive tackle Chad Rinehart from Northern Iowa, Chad was considered one of if not the premier player in the Gateway collegiate division. This is a good pick and the Redskins are making up for overkill on day one.

From's profile of Chad:

Height: 6' 5" (whoa)
Weight: 320 lbs (a good start)

Pros: decorated and experienced, manhandles opponents, durable and able to play with pain, maintains balanced while engaged, can play guard in addition to tackle, adaptable with a quick learning curve, quick off the line and can seal the corner in one on one, can sustain inside blocks to create creases for the runner, team leader not afraid to challenge underperforming teammates.

Cons: plays bent at the waist and with a slow lateral step may ultimately be a better guard than tackle at the pro level, must learn to sustain outside blocks while play develops, will get behind play if beaten off snap.

Curly R quick take: a good pick, too early to know where Chad will play, the team may plug him is at tackle but keep an eye on what he can do at guard. Somewhat moot where he might play because the Redskins need help at tackle and at guard. This was a smart pick by the Redskins, their line was devastated in 2007 with injuries all along the line and with only Stephon Heyer in the pipeline for the future of an aging line (current average age of 2007 season opening offensive line: a shade over 32 years old), a versatile guy like Chad is a great thing to have. Hopefully won't crack starting lineup meaning the Redskins will be able to get one more year out of their workhorses before starting the changing of the guards. And tackles.

Washington Redskin Chad Rinehart from here.

Redskins Are Back on the Clock

Can we concentrate on what we need today?

Update #2: the Redskins made a second day two trade, with the Rams, former Redskins offensive coordinator Al Saunders' new team. Washington sent their fifth round number 157 which was acquired from Tennessee and their seventh round number 228 to St. Louis for the Rams' sixth round number 168 and sixth round number 180, details in Courier font.

the Redskins pulled the trigger on another trade, this one with the Titans, details in Verdana font. The Redskins sent their fifth round pick, number 103 overall to Tennessee for the Titans' fourth round number 124 and the Titans' fifth round number 157.

Draft day two is underway and Curly R will be covering it for the Redskins, it started at 10am ET and runs through 7pm ET, there is a lot of football news being made today.

ESPN's Mel Kiper who for some reason still has the same hair he did 20 years ago rates the Redskins draft through two rounds an A and ESPN's fan poll says Redskinsland also rates them an A so far. I'd give them a C at best, although these three picks so far will not be first round money the team is going to find itself with six expensive receiving players and only but so many passes to go around. But I digress...for now.

Here is a recap of the Redskins draft picks, moves and selections, reflecting original picks and the trade with the Falcons:

Round One
21st pick, 21st overall - the final tribute to Sean Taylor
This pick was traded to the Atlanta Falcons.

Round Two
3rd pick, 34th overall, from Falcons in trade, Michigan State receiver Devin Thomas
17th pick, 48th overall, from Falcons in trade, USC tight end Fred Davis
19th pick, 51st overall, Oklahoma receiver Malcolm Kelly

Round Three
20th pick, 84th overall This pick was traded to the Falcons
32nd pick, 96th overall, this is a compensatory pick for free agents lost after the 2006 season, Northern Iowa offensive tackle Chad Rinehart

Round Four
4th pick, 103rd overall, from Falcons in trade This pick was traded to the Titans.
25th pick, 124th overall, from Titans in trade

Round Five
18th pick, 154th pick overall This pick was traded to the Falcons
22nd pick, 157th overall, from Titans in trade This pick was traded to the Rams

Round Six
2nd pick, 168th overall, from Rams in trade
14th pick, 180th overall, from Rams in trade
20th pick, 186th overall

Round Seven
20th pick, 228th overall This pick was traded to the Rams
34th pick, 242nd overall, this is also a compensatory pick
41st pick, 249th overall, as is this one

NFL draft tracker.

For more on what's happening with the Redskins and the draft, TexSkins is in charge at new look Hogs Haven and Lee is up to the minute at The Redskin Report.

This is a draft day open thread.

2008 NFL Draft logo from here.

Redskins Day One Draft Roundup

This better work

Update 2 May, wrapped second day here.

Day one of the 2008 NFL draft is over and the Redskins drafted three players, one of which they sort of needed and two of which they didn't, this was a little like going out grocery shopping for the week and coming back with a hundred bucks worth of chips and soda.

To start the day the team had two picks, a first rounder, number 21 overall and a second round pick, number 51 overall. Right before the clock was down on the team's first round pick a trade was announced, the Redskins were sending their first round pick number 21 to the Falcons for Atlanta's two second round picks, numbers 34 and 48 and Atlanta's fourth round pick, number 103 overall, the Redskins previously did not have a fourth round pick, this trade netted the Redskins two quality draft picks in exchange for a second tier first round pick. The Falcons used the number 21 pick on USC offensive tackle Sam Baker.

Keeping this new Redskins draft position in mind, here is the order of team needs, my take:

1. Offensive line
2. Secondary (safety and or cornerback)
3. Defensive line
4. Receiver
5. Linebacker

And here is how the team drafted on day one:

1. Receiver - Devin Thomas from Arkansas Michigan State (h/t to TexSkins for the spot)
2. Tight end - Fred Davis from USC
3. Receiver - Malcolm Kelly from Oklahoma

The lines are drawn, this is it, the Redskins are trying to become a west coast team and for that they think need skill players over all others. With a stable of good tailbacks and a great tight end already in place, the Redskins went overkill.

There is still plenty of talent in the draft at the other positions the team needs though waiting into round three reduces the chances that a new player can make an impact immediately.

The draft resumes tomorrow at 10am, rounds three through seven and goes through 7pm.

Big Boy sign from here.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Redskins Third Pick: Receiver Malcolm Kelly

Your doing it wrong

The Redskins used their third and final pick in the second round of the 2008 NFL draft, the 51st pick, this was their pick and not acquired from the Falcons in the draft day trade, on Oklahoma receiver Malcolm Kelly, the third consecutive receiving position player taken by the Redskins, a team that needs secondary and offensive line help. From the profile on Malcolm:

Height: 6' 4" (great)
Weight: 218 (light)

Pros: cut by Michelangelo above the waist and can break tackles, longstride openfield playmaker need to account for him on every play, builds head of steam in route, catches well with hands, good sideline route runner keeps feet inbounds, can keep body in control, can read coverage.

Cons: not explosive off the line, no short stride makes him questionable at the line, better set blocker than downfield blocker but generally not a factor when does not have the ball, hard time adjusting to ball in tight areas.

Curly R quick take: well I like Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas but not both. More west coast offense encroachment, weapons weapons weapons. Using this pick for a receiver is a fantasy football drafting strategy, the proverbial run on receivers. The Redskins needed to address secondary and defensive line and they did neither through rounds one and two.

Washington Redskin Malcolm Kelly from here.

Redskins Second Pick: Tight End Fred Davis


The Redskins used the second of the three draft picks they acquired from the Falcons in trade for the Redskins' 21st overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft, second round number 48 overall for... USC tight end Fred Davis? Exsqueeze me?

Ok so the guy is the Mackey Award winner as the nation's best tight end but the Redskins already have a tight end, Chris Cooley, the guy that signed the big free agent deal and then did not drop off in terms of production. From's profile of Fred:

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 248 lbs

Pros: big, has reach and a coordinated stride, fast and quick enough to merit coverage in the secondary, can block in open field, can adjust to ball in flight, holds on to the ball.

Cons: needs to improve set blocks and get stronger in the blocking game overall, tweener maybe really a big WR, problems catching in traffic.

Curly R quick take: sounds like Chris Cooley we already have a Chris Cooley, does not make much sense to me. Tight end was not really where the Redskins needed to pick in this round. I have to think this is Jim Zorn's influence, he wants weapons weapons weapons. If I were Chris Cooley and we do get to see what Chris thinks, I'd be pretty fucking bummed. Can't wait to read about this on chriscooley47. Didn't address secondary or offensive line.

Washington Redskin Fred Davis from here.

Redskins Top Pick: Receiver Devin Thomas

Big receiver: check

It came down to the wire and the Redskins traded their number 21 overall pick to the Falcons for both the Falcons second round picks and their fourth round pick, so number 34 (third in the second round) was their first pick.

With that pick in the 2008 NFL draft the Redskins selected Michigan State receiver Devin Thomas. From's profile:

Height: 6' 2" (awsum)
Weight: 215 lbs

Pros: great build, long limbs, good balance, fights for the ball after contact, breakaway speed, a leaper, quick off the line, solid short and intermediate route runner, good downfield blocker, catches well with his hands, can return kickoffs.

Cons: needs to get better on deep routes, needs to improve on set blocks, can't always keep his feet in bounds on sideline plays, gets distracted looking for ball and can't get back to speed, does not catch well with his body, needs to improve his defensive reads, only 'adequate' with mental aspect of the game, might have a hard time digesting a thick playbook.

Curly R quick take: The Redskins just forgot Brandon Lloyd. I refuse to be taken by this one evaluation but as far as I can tell with this Redskins team, his profile tends to indicate he will serve as a possession receiver, running middle and hook routes and be the number two or three deep threat (after Santana Moss and possible Antwaan Randle El).

The Redskins still need help at defensive line and offensive line but I'll take this.

Washington Redskin Devin Thomas from here.

The Redskins Are on the Clock

Think hard before you part with that pick

Update #3: the Redskins made a second day two trade with the Rams, details in Courier font.

Update #2:
I have amended in Verdana font the day two trade the Redskins made with the Titans.

I have amended in italics the Redskins draft picks to reflect the trade with the Falcons. Washington gives Atlanta the first round number 21, third round number 84 and fifth round number 154. Atlanta gives Washington second round number 34, second round number 48 and fourth round number 103.

Draft day is here, Curly R will be covering it for the Redskins and NFC Beast teams, it starts at 3pm ET, apparently this is the first year the draft has been moved from the morning to the afternoon, in the old days the draft was an all day event starting at brunch time, in the time before life and kids we would pile into barstools at The Virginian in Charlottesville and drink our entire monthly budget in bloodies and beer and hang on every team and every pick. Good times...

The Redskins hold the following picks:

Round One
21st pick, 21st overall - the final tribute to Sean Taylor
The Redskins traded their first round pick to the Atlanta Falcons.

Curly R aside: do not trade this pick you dingleberries! The Redskins need defensive and offensive line help, there will be quality available at this position and if you absolutely must and cannot contain youself from trading the pick, please, no one over 29, this is a young man's game. Update to aside: so far so good with this trade, just hope they address secondary and offensive line.

Round Two
3rd pick, 34th overall, from Falcons in trade, Michigan State receiver Devin Thomas
17th pick, 48th overall, from Falcons in trade, USC tight end Fred Davis
19th pick, 51st overall, Oklahoma receiver Malcolm Kelly

Round Three
20th pick, 84th overall This pick was traded to the Falcons
32nd pick, 96th overall, this is a compensatory pick for free agents lost after the 2006 season. Northern Iowa offensive tackle Chad Rinehart

Round Four
4th pick, 103rd overall, from Falcons in trade This pick was traded to the Titans
25th pick, 124th overall, from Titans in trade

Round Five
18th pick, 154th pick overall This pick was traded to the Falcons
22nd pick, 157th overall, from Titans in trade This pick was traded to the Rams

Round Six
2nd pick, 168th overall, from Rams in trade
14th pick, 180th overall, from Rams in trade

20th pick, 186th overall

Round Seven
20th pick, 228th overall This pick was traded to the Rams
34th pick, 242nd overall, this is also a compensatory pick
41st pick, 249th overall, as is this one

This is a draft day open thread.

2008 NFL Draft logo from here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tonight We Are a Capitals Blog

It's true, I forgot how much I love hockey

Right now the Washington Capitals are playing the Philadelphia Flyers in game seven of the Stanley Cup quarterfinals in Washington DC. The Capitals rallied from a 3-1 deficit to force a game seven last night on two third period goals by our man Alex the Great, Alex Ovechkin.

This is a gamenight open thread. Go Caps!

Alex the Great from here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Skin Patrol...REVEALED!

It is a cleansing experience to come clean

After two years, rampant speculation on teh webs and thousands of dollars spent on a private investigator, the internet blogger known as quote Skin Patrol unquote has finally been a guy named Will Allensworth.

A quick check of Forbes richest Americans does not include Will and therefore I am left with only the possibility that Will Allensworth is a pseudonym, no one should be able to post this much quality content, be this connected and still I don't know hold a job or pursue an advanced degree.

One day we will learn the truth about you Will and then my friend there will be a story to tell.

Hogs Haven logo from Hogs Haven.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chronology of a New Redskins Head Coach

Like evolution this process took some unexpected turns

Joe Gibbs has left the building and Jim Zorn has been announced as the new head coach of the Washington Redskins. Here is a timeline of events leading up to this announcement, dates are of events where possible and when reported as noted. Readers help me find errors or where clarification is needed, drop a comment or send me a note and I'll update this thread:

Thursday 3 January 2008 - five days until Joe Gibbs resigns
Redskins offensive coordinator Al Saunders assures injured quarterback Jason Campbell he is still the team's number one quarterback after a four game hot streak by elevated backup Todd Collins pushed the team into the postseason.

Saturday 5 January - minus three days
The Redskins lose to the Seahawks 35-14 in the wild card playoff round. Following the game Redskins tailback Clinton Portis, often of a contentious relationship with the team and fans, indicates he is open to restructuring his contract to be more cap friendly and help keep the team together for the 2008 season.

Sunday 6 January - minus two days
Joe Gibbs conducts final team meetings and interviews for the season. Gregg Williams and Antwaan Randle El are quoted saying they have seen no indication Joe will not be back for 2008. Re-signing quarterback Todd Collins and a contract extension for Joe Gibbs are team priorities. The Redskins head into the offseason 20 million dollars over the cap and with many decisions to make. There is a report that Gregg Williams is a candidate for the Miami Dolphins head coaching position.

Monday 7 January - minus one day
Joe Gibbs conducts final press conference for Redskins 2007 season, is noncommittal about future (WaPost / WaTimes / excerpts). Despite Joe's attitude, players and coaches indicated it would be a surprise if Joe was not back and Joe leaves open the notion of a quarterback competition between Jason Campbell and Todd Collins. Michael Wilbon writes that the 2008 season starts now for the Redskins, priorities one and two are coaching and quarterbacking. In retrospect it reads as an admonition to Joe Gibbs, if he is going to get out he needs to do it quickly so the team can move on to plan B, which they surely have for a smooth transition.

Tuesday 8 January - zero day
Tom Boswell writes that not only does Joe want to stay, he wants a two year extension to keep it going. Redskins Notebook lists players entering free agency. Curly R breaks down the 12 minute breakdown that sent the Redskins home with a playoff loss. By 9:30 that morning it was all over the wire: Joe Gibbs was resigning from the team as head coach. By 11:30 that morning, Tom Boswell was back with an online column assessing what it means for Joe Gibbs to leave now. Mark Maske writes that the team could not name Gregg Williams head coach immediately even if they wanted to due to the Rooney Rule, but I thought a rule exception was promoting from within. Marty Schottenheimer enters the conversation for the first time. Dan Snyder addresses the assistant coaches and then not again for 16 days. Jason La Canfora at Redskins Insider does some math: add no endorsement by Dan Snyder of an in house candidate to one Dan Snyder denial that the team needs a GM and what does it look like you get: a bloodletting. Curly R on Joe Gibbs retirement.

Wednesday 9 January - one day
The news sinks in, Joe Gibbs is no longer the coach of the Redskins. The outpouring from fans and the local media is incredible. From the Washington Times: Joe Gibbs resigns, Joe's leaving is all about priorities, top candidates to replace Joe. It was noted that Joe Gibbs had endorsed no one and no names had surfaced from the team.

From the Washington Post: front page coverage of Joe's departure, Joe's decision was informed by family needs, Tom Boswell on Joe being in touch with his priorities, Len Shapiro on Joe leaving with his head held high and his legacy intact, a timeline of Joe Gibbs' career, an interactive look at major events on and off the field in Joe's second go round, Joe even got a Washington Post editorial. The Post's top candidates to replace Joe and Dan Snyder foreshadows a long coaching search. As might be expected when such a decision happens without warning coaches and players, who learned about Joe's departure after they had been dismissed for the final time, are all freaked out. Meanwhile, Joe spends the afternoon talking candidates (op. cit.) with the owner. Unnamed associates of Bill Cowher indicate he is not inclined to return to coaching for the 2008 season.

Sally Jenkins is the first to ask the question: has four years of Joe Gibbs matured the way Dan Snyder will run this franchise, or will the Redskins return to the whipsaw ways of an under .500 team?

Thursday 10 January - two days
Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator and Gregg Williams protege Jim Schwartz interviews for the head coaching position. Marty Schottenheimer's name appears in the coaching search for the second and final time. Michael Wilbon channels what every Redskins fan has known since Bobby Beathard resigned: Dan Snyder needs to find, enable and keep a professional to make all the football decisions. Victory Lap, Curly R's three part series on Joe Gibbs' retirement debuts.

Friday 11 January - three days
The Redskins interview an unnamed mystery candidate for the head coaching position. Ten days later, that candidate is revealed to be Jim Fassel. A source close to Al Saunders says Al thinks if he were a candidate for the head coaching position that he would have heard from the team, along with the rest of the coaches, Al has heard nothing from the team since a meeting with Dan Snyder three days earlier. Curly R's Joe Gibbs' Victory Lap part two.

Saturday 12 January - four days
While Joe Gibbs is back in North Carolina having family dinner, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has his first of four interviews for the head coaching job (also op. cit.) at Dan Snyder's home. Al Saunders is presumed already to be out and Jim Schwartz doesn't think after his interview that the Redskins intend to hire or appoint anyone approaching a general manager (ibid.). Curly R's final entry in Joe Gibbs' Victory Lap.

Sunday 13 January - five days
After Dan Snyder's Redskins One plane is spotted in Arizona on Friday 11 January, early speculation surrounds Dennis Green and Jim Fassel who despite denying any contact from the team did in fact interview that day. The Washington Times incorrectly reports that the mystery candidate from two days earlier was Russ Grimm. George Solomon writes that Joe Gibbs left on top with fans wanting more, even after a season of mistakes and a lot of mediocrity. Mike Wise endorses Gregg Williams as 'the candidate of substance.'

Monday 14 January - six days
The Redskins express interest in Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell and defensive coordinator Ron Meeks and the Colts grant the Redskins permission to interview. An interview with either would satisfy the Rooney Rule. Gregg Williams has his second of four interviews with Dan Snyder.

Tuesday 15 January - one week
Gregg Williams, the only current Redskins coach that has had any interaction with ownership regarding the head coaching position (op. cit.), has his fourth interview for the head coaching position. He is still considered the front runner. Jim Mora's name appears for the first time as a candidate (ibid.). Jim Caldwell does not withdraw formally but appears no longer to be a candidate. Curly R on what a new coach means for the Redskins, Curly R it should not be Al Saunders.

Wednesday 16 January
Seattle Seahawks assistant head coach - defensive backs Jim Mora interviews for the head coaching spot, becoming the fourth candidate to interview for the job. Ron Meeks agrees to an interview. It is noted that the Redskins had originally planned to interview a total of five candidates (op. cit.). Ron Meeks would be the fifth. More than one previous coaching candidate has confided that they believe many of Joe Gibbs' assistants will be retained for the next coach (ibid.). Curly R it should not be Gregg Williams.

Thursday 17 January
Jim Mora has a second day of interviews and Ron Meeks has a formal interview. More than one coach anticipates a mass departure of defensive coaches should Gregg Williams not get the job (ibid.). Curly R on the rest of the coaching candidates to this point.

Friday 18 January
Jim Mora withdraws from contention in the Redskins head coaching search. It is of note that Jim Mora and Al Saunders who to this point still has had no contact with the team, may have the same agent. Bill Cowher, Dick Vermeil, Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson and Brian Billick surface in speculation.

Sunday 20 January
Bill Cowher reiterates that he is not interested in coaching any team in 2008. Rehab on Jason Campbell's left kneecap is almost complete and he is looking forward to a new coach. On 7 January, four days after Al Saunders had assured Jason the Redskins starting job was his Joe Gibbs had left the position open to competition one day prior to resigning. George Solomon questions why Gregg Williams, a man who has worked for owner Dan Snyder for four years would need to interview for the head coaching job four times. Curly R on the case for Russ Grimm.

Monday 21 January
Jim Fassel and Russ Grimm come back up in speculation and Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo's name appears for the first time (ibid.). Jim Fassel has his second interview with the Redskins, in secret. This news and the revelation that Jim Fassel was the mystery candidate ten days earlier on 11 January will not become public for two more days.

Tuesday 22 January - two weeks
Dan Snyder promotes (also op. cit.) Vinny Cerrato from vice president of football operations to executive vice president / football operations. Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren announces the 2008 season will be his last. Jim Mora is the heir apparent though is not named coach of the future. Throughout the morning conventional wisdom continues to coalesce around Jim Fassel as the mystery candidate then at midday, Redskins Insider breaks the news that Jim Fassel is the mystery coaching candidate. Hundreds of comments in that thread alone heap scorn on this revelation. Curly R's reaction to the Jim Fassel revelation.

Wednesday 23 January
Revelations continue (op. cit.): that Jim Fassel is the mystery candidate from 11 January, that Jim Fassel had a second interview two days earlier on 21 January and that Jim Fassel is now a leading candidate for the Redskins head coaching position. Meanwhile, Jim Zorn interviews for the Redskins offensive coordinator position, not the head coaching position. Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan is first mentioned as a possible defensive coordinator for Jim Fassel were he to become Redskins coach (ibid.). Michael Wilbon writes that the Redskins always seem to keep the drama high in the offseason and asks a rhetorical question: what would you think if your boss of four years needed four interviews to decide on a promotion? The Redskins coaching vacancy and carousel starts to become a league wide issue as NFL players and coaches at the Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama refer to the Redskins as a laughingstock.

This is the day Jim Fassel very nearly became the head coach of the Redskins. Late in the day rumors begin to coalesce around impending coaching announcements: Jim Fassel as head coach, Jim Zorn as offensive coordinator and Rex Ryan as defensive coordinator, all pending final details. However, this would be a lateral move for Rex Ryan and he is still under contract to the Baltimore Ravens who may block the move. Late in the evening the Seahawks open talks with Jim Zorn about staying in Seattle. Ultimately Vinny Cerrato calls Jim Fassel and tells him the team will extend the coaching search through the Super Bowl.

Thursday 24 January
Redskins fans' visceral and negative reaction to the news that Jim Fassel is the leading candidate is so severe that it is documented (op. cit.) in the Sports page of the Washington Post print edition. Rex Ryan announces plans to stay in Baltimore and the planned coaching announcement trifecta looks to be off (op. cit.). The Chargers prevent an interview with quarterbacks coach John Ramsdell for the Redskins offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach position. The Chargers are coached by former Redskins coach Norval Turner, who was fired by Dan Snyder in 2000. Steve Spagnuolo reappears in speculation and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' name appears for the first time (op. cit.). The remaining assistant coaches are notified (op. cit.) by Joe Gibbs that the process could go on for weeks (also op. cit.). It is the first update the coaches have had from the team in 16 days. Joe's update does not clarify Gregg Williams' standing which is now in doubt (ibid.). Chris Cooley, Chris Samuels and Ethan Albright all will wear jersey number 21 at the Pro Bowl in honor of fallen teammate Sean Taylor (also ibid.). Curly R on the Redskins' lack of adult supervision.

Friday 25 January
Jim Fassel's candidacy is reported as quote collapsed unquote two days after it becomes public and he feels quote unquote manipulated (op. cit.). The inability of the Redskins to land Jim Zorn, Rex Ryan and possibly John Ramsdell as key assistant coaches is cited (ibid.) as a reason for the collapse. Gregg Williams is first linked to the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator position (ibid.). Tom Boswell asks if change makes sense for the Redskins given what Joe Gibbs has put into place. Mark Maske writes that waiting for Super Bowl assistants to become available is a risky strategy, it may alienate current candidates if they are still available. Curly R on the Redskins burning every bridge they can find.

Late in the day the news breaks: the Redskins have hired Jim Zorn to be offensive coordinator despite having no head coach in place, and Al Saunders now expects not to be back with the team. Sources close to the situation report that Jim Zorn took the position in anticipation of either Jim Fassel or Steve Spagnuolo taking the head coaching job. Circumstances have soured between Gregg Williams and the team and he is now considering dropping out of contention as soon as the following day. Reports that Gregg Williams somehow disparaged Joe Gibbs during the interview process surface for the first time (op. cit.). Rex Ryan opts to stay in Baltimore and will not be a candidate for the Redskins defensive coordinator position (ibid.).

Saturday 26 January
Gregg Williams and Dan Snyder meet in the morning and he and Al Saunders are quote unquote released, their time with the Redskins is at an end. Defensive assistant Greg Blache is promoted to defensive coordinator. Al Saunders was never a candidate for the head coaching position. When asked about who will be the team's next head coach, Jim Zorn is as excited to find out as the next guy. Sally Jenkins writes that if Dan Snyder has a plan no one can tell. Bonus points to Sally for references to Star Blazers and Land of the Lost.

Sunday 27 January
It is reinforced that Al Saunders and quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor have fallen in Dan Snyder's eyes, they were never in the team's 2008 plans regardless of the head coach. Al is again linked to the vacant offensive coordinator position in St. Louis (op. cit.). The team is confirmed as having scheduled a second interview with Ron Meeks for the following Tuesday. The Washington Post publishes a timeline to date of the Redskins coaching search. Curly R laughs. George Solomon expresses serious incredulity with Dan Snyder's direction in this search: derailing continuity after Sean Taylor's death and in the wake of a playoff run, passing over a no brainer candidate in Gregg Williams, wasting fan goodwill and mentions once again the possibility that Gregg angered Dan Snyder over the noncredible notion that Joe Gibbs did not know about the missing man formation. Mike Wise writes that Dan Snyder blew it, there is no sense to the team's rationale and it begins to become clear that Dan Snyder is mounting a smear campaign designed to tarnish fan, player and media favorite Gregg Williams, a campaign designed to minimize the negative impact of his firing. Steve Mariucci's name appears in conjunction with the Redskins head coaching position for the first time.

Monday 28 January
Virginia native Larry Brooks surfaces as a candidate for the Redskins vacant defensive line coaching position and interviews with the team. Larry has coaching ties both to Greg Blache and Steve Mariucci. Late in the day Larry's hiring looks imminent. Curly R begins a three part series on Dan Snyder's hatchet job on Gregg Williams.

Tuesday 29 January - three weeks
The Vinny Cerrato era has formally begun. Ron Meeks interviews with the team in Indianapolis, the interview lasts five hours, half the length of Ron's first interview on 17 January. The Redskins head coaching position is now down to four credible candidates: Ron Meeks, Steve Mariucci, Jim Fassel and Steve Spagnuolo. The Washington Post reports (op. cit.) that the Redskins spoke with USC head coach and former NFL head coach Pete Carroll quote earlier in the month unquote of January but no formal interview was conducted and the candidacy ended. ESPN reports that a deal is in place for the Redskins to hire Larry Brooks as defensive line coach. The report turns out to be incorrect, Larry is not hired. The St. Louis Rams hire Al Saunders as offensive coordinator (op. cit.). Curly R on how if the Redskins really were serious about Steve Spagnuolo and Josh McDaniels the team would have requested permission to interview them two weeks ago. Since they did not the Redskins are now prohibited from interviewing them during the Super Bowl bye week. Curly R's part two of Dan Snyder's hatchet job on Gregg Williams.

Wednesday 30 January
Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels are continued subjects of speculation for the Redskins vacant head coaching position, along with Jim Fassel, Steve Mariucci and Ron Meeks. Redskins quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor has had no update on his status with the team. With new offensive coordinator Jim Zorn expected to work closely with the quarterbacks, Bill may be gone. Bill's tenure with the Redskins dates back to Joe Gibb's return in 2004. The Washington Post reports (op. cit.) that Larry Brooks will be offered the defensive line coaching position, like the ESPN report from the previous day this report is incorrect. Curly R's final entry on the hatchet job of Gregg Williams, then begins a two part series on Dan Snyder's history with head coaches and how his newest coach whomever it is inevitably will disappoint Redskins fans.

Thursday 31 January
The Redskins announce they will seek a formal interview with Steve Mariucci. Steve's contract with NFL Network includes an out clause for Steve to go back into coaching. In an interview with Mark Maske, Joe Gibbs defends Dan Snyder's search process and the steps Dan has taken to replace Joe. Disgruntled Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson is first linked in trade rumors with the Redskins. Chad is a Drew Rosenhaus client, along with fellow Redskins Santana Moss, Clinton Portis and the departed Sean Taylor. Curly R's part two on the hard bigotry of high expectations of a Redskins coach.

Friday 1 February 2008
The rest of the story of Jim Zorn's hiring and Greg Blache's promotion is told: Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato were inclined to part with Al Saunders and Bill Lazor. This factored into Gregg Williams falling out of favor as Gregg wanted to keep Al and streamline the 700 page playbook. Outside head coaching candidates Jim Fassel and Ron Meeks favored or at least found acceptable Jim Zorn as offensive coordinator. Jim Zorn wanted to stay in Seattle but with Mike Holmgren retiring after the 2008 season, Jim Mora the heir apparent and Jim Mora's prospective choice for offensive coordinator being Greg Knapp, there was little room for career growth in Seattle for Jim Zorn so he accepted the Redskins offensive coordinator position despite the absence of a head coach. Jim Zorn was told in his interviews the Redskins would hire as head coach one of the three Jim Fassel, Ron Meeks or Gregg Williams. Greg Blache was set to retire but when the Redskins could not reach a deal with the Baltimore Ravens for defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, the Redskins decided to go in house. With Gregg Williams all but disqualified the team made a contract offer that Greg Blache could not refuse and he became the Redskins defensive coordinator despite the absence of a head coach.

Former Redskins and current Super Bowl bound Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce is profiled in the Washinton Post, it includes unflattering characterizations of Redskins owner Dan Snyder in general and regarding the Redskins coaching search. Curly R on why Antonio is right and the owner is fumbling the ball. Curly R on puking if Steve Mariucci is the next coach of the Redskins.

Saturday 2 February
Former Redskins cornerback Darrell Green is elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Former Redskins receiver Art Monk is elected in his eighth year of eligibility. Finalist Russ Grimm is not elected in his fourth year of eligibility. Darrell and Art join former Redskins QB Sammy Baugh, RB Bill Dudley, WR Bobby Mitchell, WR Charley Taylor, LB Samm Huff, QB Sonny Jurgenson, SS Ken Houston and RB John Riggins among others.

Sunday 3 February
The Redskins announce they will interview Steve Spagnuolo in the wake of the New York Giants' excellent defensive performance in a 17-14 Super Bowl win over the previously unbeaten New England Patriots.

Monday 4 February
With the Super Bowl over and all candidates now available the endgame looms and there is still little sense of where the Redskins will go with the decision to hire a new head coach. Steve Spagnuolo has a phone conversation with Dan Snyder and is scheduled to fly to Washington to interview with the team the following day. The conventional wisdom is now that Steve Spagnuolo and Jim Fassel are the leading candidates for the job.

Tuesday 5 February - four weeks
Steve Spagnuolo interviews with the Redskins, he is considered to be very interested (op. cit.) in the job and spends the night in Dan Snyder's guest house. Steve Mariucci is no longer considered a serious candidate for the Redskins head coaching position (ibid.). Gregg Williams is reported to be in final negotiations to take the defensive coordinator position with the Jacksonville Jaguars then later in the day accepts the position (ibid.). The Washington Post reports that running backs coach Earnest Byner, whose Redskins coaching contract had expired after the 2007 season, interviewed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but after discussions with coach Jon Gruden has decided to return to Washington and will rejoin the Redskins in 2008. These reports turn out to be false and Earnest Byner will leave the team in eight days. Redskins quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor interviews in Seattle for the quarterbacks coach position vacated by Jim Zorn when he agreed to become the Redskins offensive coordinator. The Redskins hold a reception in Ashburn honoring 2008 Hall of Fame inductees Art Monk and Darrell Green.

Wednesday 6 February - 29 days
Steve Spanuolo has a second day of interviews with the Redskins. Jim Fassel believes he and Steve Spagnuolo are the final candidates for the head coaching position, a notion with which Ron Meeks and Steve Mariucci concur (op. cit.), as does the Washington Post. All candidates believe the process will end tonight though only Jim Fassel receives a call from the team telling him to stand by. Explaining his withdrawal from consideration as Redskins coach on 18 January, Jim Mora receives a new five year contract in Seattle and is announced as the Seahawks future head coach following Mike Holmgren's retirement following the 2008 season.

Thursday 7 February - 30 days
Steve Spagnuolo leaves Washington in the morning without a contract. The AP reports that Steve and the Redskins agreed Steve was a year or two from being ready to be a head coach, a charge vigorously debunked by league sources. By noon the news breaks that Steve will stay with the New York Giants and will receive a new three year contract. Jim Fassel appears now to be the leading candidate. All remaining candidates are confused (op. cit.) about what is happening. There is no outgoing contact from the team to any of the coaching candidates (op. cit.). Redskins quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor becomes the quarterbacks coach in Seattle, replacing Jim Zorn. Jack Burns, Redskins receivers coach during Joe Gibbs first coaching run, quarterbacks coach in 2004 and offensive assistant in 2005, 2006 and 2007, departs the team (op. cit.). A plane owned by Dan Snyder is tracked to Phoenix Arizona (ibid.), placing it in the proximity of Jim Fassel and Russ Grimm, who has never been contacted by the team (ibid.). Sally Jenkins calls Dan Snyder a coach killer and writes, before the news broke that Steve was withdrawing, that Steve Spagnuolo would be crazy to take this job. Curly R on dwindling options.

This is the day Jim Zorn began interviewing for the head coaching position of the Washington Redskins.

Friday 8 February - 31 days
The endless ownership huddles continue and the media begins to get punchy. Jim Fassel is still considered the front runner for the head coaching position and both Jim Fassel and still in the running candidate Ron Meeks voiced approval of the Redskins proavtively hiring Jim Zorn as offensive coordinator (op. cit.). John Palermo is hired as Redskins defensive line coach. John has 29 years' coaching experience, none in the NFL and has ties (op. cit.) to Vinny Cerrato going back to Notre Dame and Lou Holtz in the 80s.

Unbeknownst to fans and the media, Jim Zorn interviews all day (op. cit.) with Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato.

Saturday 9 February - 32nd and final day
After another otherwise uneventful day, the news breaks in the evening of the 32nd day since Joe Gibbs announced his departure: Jim Zorn, the great explainer, already reminding (op. cit.) his supporters of Joe Gibbs himself, will not be the Redskins new offensive coordinator, he will be the next Redskins head coach (op. cit.) and will get a five year deal. Dan Snyder had secretly dispatched his Redskins One private jet to Seattle earlier in the day to gather Jim Zorn's family and return them to Washington (ibid.). The team no longer needs to run stall tactics to keep Jim Fassel at bay and the other candidates are not notified immediately (op. cit.). Cornerback Shawn Springs and receiver Antwaan Randle El support the team's decision to promote Jim Zorn. Speculation begins to swirl immediately around former running back and former Jim Zorn Seahawks teammate Sherman Smith as the leading candidate for the now vacant offensive coordinator position. At least one NFL coach anonymously wonders if Redskins management has any idea of what it is doing (op. cit.).

Sunday 10 February - one day since the hiring of Jim Zorn
The Redskins hold a press conference to introduce Jim Zorn as the new head coach. There are no players in attendance at this event. Owner Dan Snyder iterates and reiterates that the Redskins followed the process exactly as they had planned and that the first thing they looked for in the next coach was character and not, say, football experience. Surprise choice for head coach Jim Zorn praises Dan Snyder for maintaining team continuity in this transition despite the absence of Joe Gibbs, Al Saunders and Gregg Williams (ibid.) from the coaching staff. New coach Jim Zorn reveals the depth of his knowledge of the Washington Redskins by referring to them as the maroon and black and praises (ibid.) Gregg Williams and Joe Gibbs for coming up with the thoughtful and original Missing Man Formation (op. cit.) tribute to Sean Taylor in game 12 against the Buffalo Bills in December. If rumors are to be believed, Gregg Williams' failure to inform Joe Gibbs of the Missing Man Formation tribute was a main reason for owner Dan Snyder's dissatisfaction with Gregg Williams and a contributing factor in Dan's passing over and eventual firing of Gregg, a theory thoroughly debunked by Curly R.

Jim Zorn will coordinate the offense, call plays and work with the quarterbacks in addition to his general duties as head coach. Jim Fassel was left at the altar for a second time and despite it all, still quote likes Dan Snyder unquote.

George Solomon writes that the team has been wracked by inept public relations for the past 32 days. Mike Wise writes that the Redskins coaching search was handled poorly but that Jim Zorn may be as crafty a hire and with the same upside as Joe Gibbs' hiring in 1981. Michael Wilbon writes that Jim Zorn is a nobody in the NFL but that the Redskins' recent record with non nobodies proves maybe this is a good thing. Washington Post special photo gallery of Jim Zorn's hiring. Curly R's welcome to Jim Zorn.

In honor of Darrell Green's and Art Monk's elections to the Hall of Fame, the NFL announces the Redskins will play in the annual Hall of Fame game in Canton Ohio on 8 August 2008. Their opponent will be the Indianapolis Colts.

Monday 11 February - plus two days
Jason La Canfora reconstructs the Jim Zorn hiring (op. cit.), then lists some of the mundane activities waiting on Jim: contact players, provide coaches a schedule, hire an offensive coordinator, develop Jason Campbell into an elite quarterback. Five priorities for Jim Zorn to get started with. Speculation continues to swirl around Tennessee Titans assistant head coach-offense and Seattle Seahawks running backs coach Stump Mitchell as Jim Zorn's top choices to round out the coaching staff. Mike Wise writes (op. cit.) that Jim Zorn's opening day should have been about Jim Zorn and not about not Joe Gibbs. Sally Jenkins writes satirically that Redskins fans should not be upset about a botched searched and an unproven coach and look at the bright side: hope is easier to come by than Redskins tickets. Mark Maske writes that the 2008 class of NFL head coaches, Jim Zorn, John Harbaugh, Tony Soprano Sparano and Mike Smith has little star power. Of the four, only one had a coordinator level position in 2007. Dan Steinberg writes that Jim Zorn is a true Renaissance man. Jason La Canfora's video take on the Jim Zorn hire. Curly R on mixed imagery in the Washington Post.

Tuesday 12 February - plus three days
Tennessee Titans assistant head coach-offense Sherman Smith flies to Washington, tours Redskins Park with Jim Zorn and interviews with the Redskins for the vacant offensive coordinator position. Sherman is a former Seahawks teammate of Jim Zorn's, from 1976 to 1982. The Redskins return to football and begin assessing the team's offseason priorities: renegotiating salaries to reduce cap numbers, an elite receiver, possibly Chad Johnson, a linebacker, possibly Lance Briggs, again, defensive line, another new system for quarterback Jason Campbell and whether to re sign backups Todd Collins and Mark Brunell, the need for youth on the offensive line and a quality cornerback. Hall of Fame receiver, Jim Zorn's former Seahawks teammate, former Congressman and current far right wing Christian conservative zealot Steve Largent approves (ibid.) of Jim Zorn's hiring. Steve and Jim now live in the same city since their playing days together in Seattle from 1976 (ibid.) to 1984.

Dan Steinberg quotes Jim Fassel blaming football bloggers in part for his failure to get the Redskins head coaching job, specifically caling out a Curly R piece from 24 January (op. cit.). The Redskins announce (op. cit.) the hiring of offensive assistant Chris Meidt and defensive line coach John Palermo. Curly R on the Redskins management team; Curly R plays how bout to TexSkins' what if.

Wednesday 13 February - plus four days
Without an in person interview, the Redskins hire Stump Mitchell as running backs coach and give him a two year deal, replacing former Redskins player Earnest Byner. Stump, a former St. Louis - Phoenix Cardinals running back, and Jim Zorn coached together on Mike Holmgren's Seahawks staff from 2001 to 2007. Earnest had interviewed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their vacant running backs coach but had withdrawn to stay on Joe Gibbs staff in Washington (ibid.). When Joe Gibbs stepped down unexpectedly on 8 January, Earnest Byner was not under contract to the Redskins. Sherman Smith is quote leaning toward unquote leaving the Titans and coming to the Redskins as offensive coordinator. In an interview in Daytona Florida, Joe Gibbs praises Dan Snyder's selection of Jim Zorn as head coach, specifically noting the continuity in the process with the team keeping by Joe's estimates quote 85 percent unquote of Joe's coaching staff. Curly R responds to Dan Steinberg and Jim Fassel; Curly R on Jim Fassel coming clean in the media on not getting the Redskins job.

Thursday 14 February - plus five days
Sherman Smith is scheduled (op. cit.) to meet with Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher to inform Jeff that Sherman will be leaving the Titans to accept the Redskins offensive coordinator position. However, Jeff is unavailable to meet with Sherman and the meeting is postponed until the following day while Sherman continues to contemplate the Redskins offer. Sherman refers to Redskins coach Jim Zorn as quote Z-man unquote (ibid.). Curly R on the Redskins rumored pursuit of troubled Cincinnati receiver Chad Johnson.

Friday 15 February - plus six days
Curly R thanks Earnest Byner. The Washington Post reports (op. cit.) that Sherman Smith will accept the Redskins offensive coordinator position today. In fact, he initially rejects the Redskins' offer in favor of staying on Jeff Fisher's staff in Tennessee. Jim Zorn encourages Sherman to quote think about it for a few hours unquote. Later in the day however, Sherman is persuaded by Jim Zorn's argument and accepts the Redskins offer, becoming the final addition to Jim Zorn's Redskins coaching staff.

Curly R's offseason coverage of the Washington Redskins continues.

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