Friday, May 02, 2008

Redskins Day Two Draft Roundup

Security is a good draft day two

Well the Redskins' draft day two was a little different than day one, day two was about the team while day one was about Jim Zorn. The Redskins drafted seven players on day two for a total of ten over the two days, oh my stars and garters they actually drafted against team needs and I can't remember the last time the Redskins finished draft day with ten picks. Actually that's not true, it was 2002, a draft that yielded Ladell Betts and Rock Cartwright...

Now the challenge is for all ten to make the team but more on that later...

The Redskins started day two with six picks, one fewer than the team was originally allocated after the draft day one trade with the Falcons. On day two the team pulled off two trades, one with the Titans and one with the Rams and wound up with seven picks overall on day two.

After watching the team take a rangy receiver with the first pick of day one (awsum), a big tight end with good hands with the second (che?) and another tall receiver with the third pick of the day (ZOMG there crazy!!!1!) I was prepared to watch the Redskins on day two draft a receiver, another receiver, another receiver, another tight end, a small but smart quarterback (oh wait), another receiver and an undersized tailback with good hands.

Boy was I relieved when the team actually went out and addressed some real needs. But not all needs.

Here was my pre draft order of Redskins team needs:

1. Offensive line
2. Secondary (safety and or cornerback)
3. Defensive line
4. Receiver
5. Linebacker

Recapping day one (op. cit.), the team drafted thusly:

1. Receiver - Devin Thomas, Michigan State
2. Tight end - Fred Davis, USC
3. Receiver - Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma

On day two the team drafted

4. Offensive tackle - Chad Rinehart, Northern Iowa
5. Cornerback - Justin Tryon, Arizona State
6. Punter - Durant Brooks, Georgia Tech
7. Safety - Kareem Moore, Nicholls State
8. Quarterback - Colt Brennan, Hawaii
9. Defensive end - Rob Jackson, Kansas State
10. Safety - Chris Horton, UCLA

So all in all not a bad day. And it's hard to get too pedantic about how closely the team followed my estimation of their needs considering how much the team threw at pass catchers the previous day. If these guys all make the team then it looks like the team I'll be happy.

Chad Rinehart is a good pick. I think I would quibble a bit about draft order, what position was taken when relative to need. There was no linebacker and they weighted in the defensive secondary. Many commenters and emailers think the punter pick was good but then again there was a grand total of one punters taken in the draft so there you go. Quarterback was not on my list despite Mark Brunell's departure, that's because you can go out on the street and get a third QB.

All in all I am happy, the best overall draft in recent memory, or so it would seem right now.

Linus van Pelt from here. Security is reference from here, thanks mom and dad.