Saturday, January 31, 2009

War Imagery Still Gone from the NFL

Hell of a ground game

In an update to what is an old story at this point, Les Carpenter at the Washington Post writes about the disappearance of war imagery in the NFL. You know, trench warfare, field generals, death marches, things of this nature. Two wars going on and all, wouldn't be prudent, gotta support the troops.

And while this is not news in general to generational football fans, it is not news in specific to readers of The Curly R. We covered this exact story one year ago when Redskins fans learned that then rookie safety LaRon Landry writes SUICIDE MISSION on his body before every game, as he has since high school, placed in the context of the Gulf War Super Bowl.

Army formation from here.

Happy Birthday Stephon Heyer

Work it out

Please join me and the staff of The Curly R in wishing Redskins rising third year tackle Stephon Heyer a happy birthday, Stephon turned 25 on 16 January.

The Redskins nabbed Stephon as an undrafted free agent out of the University of Maryland after the 2007 draft, after right tackle Jon Jansen was injured in the first game of the season and replacement Todd Wade wore out in ten games, Stephon stepped in and started five of the final six games, including the miraculous four game win streak to propel Joe Gibbs' Redskins into the playoffs. In 2008 Stephon with new coach Jim Zorn in place beat out veteran Jon Jansen for the starting right tackle spot but relinquished it only to see veteran left tackle Chris Samuels succumb to injury, in all Stephon started seven games in 2008, a year when Clinton Portis ran for very nearly 1500 yards. Stephon is young, a hard worker and has a place on this team, optimistically he still could develop into a starter.

Happy birthday Stephon!

Stephon Heyer stretching before game fifteen against the Eagles from here.

Russ Grimm Not Elected to Hall of Fame

This is colloquially known as a quote shit bummer unquote

Russ Grimm was not elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame today. Part of the 2009 qualifying class of seventeen, fifteen modern eligibles and two seniors candidates, Russ made it through the first cut down from fifteen modern players to ten and did not survive the second cut down to the final five modern players.

In an eleven year playing career, all with the Washington Redskins, Russ played both guard spots and center though he was at his best playing left guard. Russ was a college All-American center at the University of Pittsburgh as well as a reserve punter. Selected in the third round by the Redskins in the 1981 draft, Russ earned a starting spot as a rookie. A founding member of the Hogs, Russ helped the Redskins to four Super Bowl appearances, three of which were victories. Russ went to the Pro Bowl four times and blocked John Riggins, George Rogers and Earnest Byner twice each to 1000 yards. Russ was named to the NFL All-Decade Team of the 1980s and is one of the 70 Greatest Redskins, has been a semi- or finalist for the Hall of Fame six straight years starting in 2004. He apparently drank a lot of beer back in the day.

After his playing days were over he went right to work as a coach, by this point having coached for six years longer than he played.

But that is not really the point now. Russ should be in the Hall of Fame.

On another note, Ravens and Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe made the first cut but not the second. Once not long ago Shannon used to annoy the shit out of me but then I developed a taste for Shannon on Sirius NFL Radio, I think he is a smart football mind with a unique delivery and a sense of comedy. It was his proximity to Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason that caused the false positive on the annoying meter.

Russ Grimm in his playing days: Rick Steward / Getty Images from here via here.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Fred Davis

There's an upside in there somewhere

Please join me in wishing rising second year Redskins tight end Fred Davis a happy birthday, Fred turned 23 on 15 January and shares a birthday with my supermom Judith.

Fred was a second round draft pick by the Redskins in the 2008 draft out of USC. Fred was selected with the second of two second round picks acquired by the Redskins in that draft in exchange for the Redskins first round pick number twenty one, and makes up on third of the pass catching second round draft trio of Devin Thomas, Fred and Malcolm Kelly, supposably representing the future of Redskins receiving.

And while we have yet to see the upside of Fred, he does come with quite a pedigree. A converted receiver, Fred worked his way through the depth chart at USC under Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Norm Chow, ending his senior year in 2007 with 55 catches for 764 yards and seven touchdowns, this after the team prevented him in his freshman year from traveling with the team for the 2005 Orange Bowl for repeated tardiness, the Trojans won that game and the National Championship. Fred learned his lesson.

Looking forward to 2009 and a whole year in the Jim Zorn system, Fred should progress and give the team another solid receiving threat.

Happy birthday Fred!

Fred Davis making his second catch of the season, in game fourteen: Getty Images from here.

Do Not Confuse Mark Newgent with a Blogger

Or a Ravens fan

As I was perusing my Washington Examiner today I read the unfortunate story of the Baltimore Examiner's closing, their final edition will be 15 February, they were unable to find a buyer, something the reporters and support employees did not even know management was looking for. I have been busy putting together an enterprise piece on old media decay, and this is just more evidence of the death of the old ways. More on that later, that is not why we are here.

Tucked into the print version, redacted from the online version (op. cit.), is this nugget (emphasis mine):

Started in April 2008, is quickly becoming the premier online brand for local information and events through a unique collection of original content contributed by "Examiners."

Examiners are community people with a common desire to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

Examiners are college students, civil servants, retirees, doctors, musicians, authors and stay-at-home parents who are carefully recruited and chosen as informed facilitators. Because of the screening process, as well as the Examiners' outward orientation to the community, they should not be confused with bloggers.

...Nor are the Examiners considered "citizen journalists." Their focus is communities of interest, not breaking news.

Well all righty then.

One of those 2000 Examiners happens to be my good friend Mark Newgent of Redskins Examiner. I confess I had no idea of the rigorous process required for entry into that exclusive club, my apologies Mark for treating you as just another of us unwashed and unpaid pajama wearing basement dwellers. Curly R readers head over there and give Mark some love, let's drive up his traffic and make them kick down some coin.

Mark Newgent photo by neighbor Bill.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Well Jim Johnson

The NFL still needs you

This afternoon it was reported that 67 year old Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has had a recurrence of cancer, a melanoma bone tumor that was found in his spine. Jim had a melanoma removed from the base of his spine back in 2001 and had been testing cancer free since. Back pain caused Jim to need a scooter to get around Philadelphia's practice facility in the final weeks of the season. He sat up in the booth, which he had never done before, for the final two playoff games against the Giants and Cardinals and needed a cane to get around the facilities.

This is a really fresh story and the team is not saying much but it does not sound good. This issue is described as a quote bone tumor unquote and the team spokesman made reference to other occurrences of cancer in Jim's body but would not elaborate. Oncologists contacted by the Philadelphia Daily News indicated Jim could be in for a tough time based on what has been said.

Jim started radiation treatment immediately, this week, and these treatments should help him with the pain, which is reported to be severe.

Jim is perhaps the greatest top level football coordinator never to seek a head coaching job. All Jim has done in 40 years of coaching, 17 in college and 23 in the pros, all that after a career as a college quarterback and a two year NFL career as a tight end, is develop defensive players and schemes that change games and put his teams' offenses in the best position to win. Over the past ten years maybe no team knows that better than the Washington Redskins.

Get better Jim, we are thinking about you. Jim Johnson photo gallery.

Hometown coverage: Iggles Blog, Bleeding Green Nation, Bounty Bowl, The 700 Level, Curly R readers head over there and show your sympathy as football fans.

Jim Johnson: Miles Kennedy / AP Photo from here via here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Leigh Torrence

Still should be here

Please join me in wishing former Redskins cornerback Leigh Torrence a happy birthday, Leigh turned 27 on 4 January.

Leigh was an undrafted free agent out of Stanford in 2005, he was signed and then cut by Green Bay, then signed by Atlanta, seeing action in ten games that year. In 2006 the Redskins signed Leigh and put him on the practice squad, he was signed onto the regular roster before the final game that season against the Giants, Shawn Springs finally went onto injured reserve with a broken shoulder to go along with his abdominal recovery to make room.

Leigh played in all sixteen games in 2007 and made the roster as fourth cornerback in 2008 behind Shawn Springs, Carlos Rogers and Fred Smoot despite the Redskins spending a fourth round pick on cornerback Justin Tryon. Four days after the game nine debacle against the Steelers, Washington cut Leigh unexpectedly, he had become a popular player and regular special teams contributor. Leigh's release you would have thought foreshadowed more playing time for Justin, and in fact he appeared in the next three games then did not appear in the final four, his performance spoke for itself and the need to evaluate Shawn Springs and DeAngelo Hall for next season took precedence.

It is a shame that Leigh will always be remembered for giving up the 43 yard pass in game six from Marc Bulger to Donnie Avery of the Rams on third and thirteen with 1:13 left in the game and the Redskins leading 17-16. Three plays later Josh Brown was kicking a 49 yard field goal and the Redskins were losing to a previously 0-4 team. While it is true that Leigh was obviously the least talented of Washington's top four cornerbacks, the player they kept in his place, Justin Tryon could not get on the field with his level of play. I guess that is how the business goes.

Leigh was signed by New Orleans two days after being cut by Washington and appeared in every one of the Saints' remaining seven games. It is an irony of football that if Leigh makes the Saints' roster in 2009 he will once again be playing for Gregg Williams, just signed as defensive coordinator in New Orleans after not being renewed at the same position in Jacksonville, Saints head coach Sean Payton even allegedly gave up a quarter million dollars of his own salary to assure New Orleans could land Gregg.

Happy birthday and good luck to Leigh!

Leigh Torrence giving up the fateful 43 yard catch to Donnie Avery in game six against the Rams: Nick Wass / AP Photo from here.

Happy Birthday Kirk Olivadotti

Got your continuity right here

Please join me and the entire staff of The Curly R in wishing Redskins linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti a happy birthday, Kirk turned 35 on New Year's Day.

Kirk joined the Redskins before the 2000 season yes folks that was the 2000 season back when Norval Turner was head coach in town. Kirk was a receiver at Purdue University from 1992 to 1996, earning Academic All-America honors his senior year. Right after graduating Kirk took a position with Maine Maritime as receivers and tight ends coach, then moved to Indiana State for two seasons then became the defensive coordinator at St. Joe's for one season.

In 2000 Kirk joined Norval Turner's Redskins staff as a quality control assistant, those are the guys that make sure terminology, materials and methods are all consistent. For four seasons, through Norval, Marty Schottenheimer and Steve Spurrier, Kirk ran quality control and assisted with the defensive backs.

When Joe Gibbs returned to the Redskins in 2004 new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams did not want to retain Kirk, Gregg granted Kirk a courtesy interview at the request of Kirk's father Tom Olivadotti, a long time NFL defensive coach. At first Gregg conducted the interview like the asshole you would expect, doing other things behind his desk, not paying attention, all mmm hmm yeah I'm listening.

But then a funny thing happened. Kirk grabbed Gregg's attention with his knowledge and preparation, Gregg decided on the spot to keep Kirk, by 2006 Kirk was working with Greg Blache and the defensive line and the following season in 2007 after Dale Lindsey was fired Kirk was promoted to linebackers coach. Kirk's unit has been outstanding the past two seasons.

Happy birthday Kirk!

Curly R has covered Kirk's meteoric rise previously here.

Kirk Olivadotti: Getty Images photo from here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chris Horton Interview on Sirius NFL Radio

No longer a rookie

Today I happened to be sitting at my computer listening to Jim Miller and Howard David Sirius NFL Radio's weekend The End Zone show when Howard promo'd up an interview with Redskins rising second year safety and steal of the 2008 draft Chris Horton.

I got the whole interview, in it Chris shares his thoughts on his first year in the NFL, his impressions of head coach Jim Zorn (hint: Chris thinks coach Zorn did a great job in 2008). Chris also talks about the Redskins falling flat on their faces in the second half of the season and gives some perspective on the Cardinals-Steelers Super Bowl matchup, the Redskins having played both teams. Jim and Howard gave Chris the whole segment, it was a great interview.

For more Chris Horton, check out Curly R's exclusive interview with Chris from back in November.

YouTube by me here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is This Guy Insane?

Take two smart pills and call me in the morning

The Washington Post is amping up their interactivity, giving readers ever more opportunities to get in on the discussion and get in the paper through online comments and now, video responses to WaPo content which I think is pretty cool.

Anyway this morning Sports published the best Redskins comment of the day (note: this link appears to reflect the current week's entries and changes, the original reader comment came from Redskins Insider here, see 8:20am) and I think it must have been a slow day, or else the WaPo is trying to get my dander up, I will respond to these in order:


Here's what I think the Redskins need to do:

1. Since [Daniel Snyder] doesn't seem to be able to part ways with Vinny [Cerrato], at least hire a proven scout/consultant.

Curly R: not going to happen, for the same reason that there will never be a Bill Cowher or Bill Parcells in Washington and that reason is why the fuck would Vinny Cerrato ever advocate for someone to get near his office, someone that would want to do things his way or might even make Vinny look bad? If Vinny is going to fail he will want it to happen one degree from Dan Snyder and not through the lens of someone else's performance or ideas. No one will get between Dan and Vinny. Insane meter: pretty far out there.

2. Draft the best available tackle at the 13th pick or trade it for two lower picks. Cut [Jon] Jansen.

Curly R: not as insane as the previous comment but still of questionable origin principally because there are two action items here. First, to draft the best tackle is a gimme, that is not insane at all, the Redskins should be able to get some talent with the number thirteen pick, I would simply not restrain the pick to offensive tackle, I would expand to offensive guard and defensive line as well, take the best offensive lineman or defensive line anything, granted offensive and defensive guards do not play as well in the high first round the Redskins are looking and an end or tackle. As far as trading down, Redskins fans have been advocating moving out of the first round for years, then what happens the first time the Redskins do in 2008? Come up with three second round busts so make of that what you will. I think the Redskins will stand pat this year in the first round.

As far as the second half of the comment, Jon Jansen may be getting up there but at roughly five million dollars cap number and an 8.5 million dollar cap hit to cut, is no reason to get rid of him. The key is depth, Stephon Heyer needs to make it real next season. Jon is turning into a backup, short term use tackle and unless Stephon can turn into a starter then you have a problem. Keep Jon unless there is a compelling depth reason to cut him. Insane meter: borderline personality.

3. Put [Malcolm] Kelly at the No. 1 WR, [Devin] Thomas at the No. 2 WR, and [Santana] Moss in the slot.

Curly R: I did a coffee spit take when I read that this morning. Move Malcolm Kelly to the number one receiver spot, put Devin Thomas in at number two and put Santana Moss in the slot. Really. That is your idea? Are you freaking insane? Malcolm and Devin were near total busts in 2008 though that is not to say they will not get better, so far it does not look like we have a Terrell Owens and a Marvin Harrison on our hands. If you put Malcolm and Devin in there at the starting spots in training camp all that will happen is they will get beat out by Santana and Antwaan Randle El and you will look silly for putting them there in the first place. Anyone is years away from deposing Santana on the outside and WTF with the slot, Santana is a wideout, not a slot player, that shows you do not know this team. Insane meter: freaking looney bin.

4. Explore possible trades to get two decent draft picks.

Curly R: this seems to be an advisory of some sort and not really an action item, I think it goes without saying that every team is on the lookout for good trades, look at last year's draft, the Redskins managed to pick up two decent draft picks in the second round and look what happened, three black holes on the roster. If I know Dan Snyder as well as I think I do there is no way Vinny will get the go ahead to do that again. Insane meter: skipped scheduled meds.

5. Do not re-sign Jason Taylor, unless he is willing to renegotiate his deal.

Curly R: a mixed message here, Jason Taylor is already signed for 2009 with an eight million dollar salary. If what you are saying is threaten to cut him, well cutting him entails little or no salary cap hit so there is no downside. I would think it unlikely that he would accept a lower salary, he has a contract and no one put a gun to the Redskins' head and made them offer it. He either plays for eight million next season or not at all. What is missing from this comment is that Jason's status and relevance may be determined by the first round pick, if the Redskins go defensive end and not offensive tackle. Insane meter: worrying friends and family.

6. Do not sign Jason Campbell to an extension until six games into the season.

Curly R: why? To heighten the suspense? The wisdom, to which the team leadership currently appears to subscribe, would seem to be that Jason Campbell is not going to get an extension this offseason. I think this is wrong, Jason is not only the best the team can do right now, he is actually the guy for the job. He needs an extension and advocating to give it to him... but not yet is simply unproductive. Insane meter: a danger to himself.

6. 7. Do not sign [Terrell] Suggs or [Albert] Haynesworth.

Curly R: probably the smartest thing you wrote all day. Insane meter: like a super villian.

My all time favorite comic image of the Joker from here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Championship Games Open Thread

This one is for almost all the marbles

Post game update: again, three out of four, that makes Curly R nine out of twelve in the past six games. Cardinals and Steelers, Let there be Super Bowl!

Update, noon:
Big Daddy Redskin in comments reminded me of a very simple and obvious fact about this game and that is that the Redskins owned the two teams in the NFC Championship Game, going a combined 3-0 against them, I happened to attend all three of these games and they were all enjoyable, the best one was the second Eagles game when the Redskins could only manage ten points and still won. Against teh AFC teams, both of which the Redskins also played, not so much, going 0-2.

Rejoice sports fans, the joy of Championship Weekend is here, temper it with the impending sense of doom that the 2008 NFL season is almost over. Kick back, watch some football and let me know your picks, so far in picking the last four games straight up and against the spread Curly R is six for eight.

3:00 pm ET FOX
PHI (-3.5) @ ARZ
Spread pick: Cardinals
Straight up: Cardinals

Of course I can never publicly back the Eagles. That said I actually think the Cardinals might win this game, no one has given them a shot down this whole stretch, what is different today?

Results: Cardinals spread / Cardinals straight up. Sad lil Eagles fans.

6:30 PM ET CBS
BAL @ PIT (-6)
Spread pick: Ravens
Straight up: Steelers

The Ravens have come a long way and played seventeen straight weeks of football, today will be the eighteenth. Despite the ferocity of the defense and the canny play of Joe Flacco, Baltimore missing Terrell Suggs and Samari Rolle will put the Ravens at too large a disadvantage. But this will be no blow out.

Results: Steelers spread / Steelers straight up. Did Willis McGahee get the number of that truck?

Yes it means I am calling for a Cardinals-Steelers Super Bowl. Let the games begin.

This is a playoff gameday open thread.

NFL team logos from here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason Campbell

How do you autograph a football jones?

Please join me and the entire staff of The Curly R in wishing Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell a happy birthday, Jason turned 27 on New Years's Eve, 31 December 2008.

A native of Laurel Mississippi, Jason graduated from Taylorsville High School in Taylorsville Mississippi in 2000 and elected to attend Auburn University. Jason played saw significant playing time all four years, including his final two as the starter, finishing his college career after the 2004 season with 552 completions in 854 attempts, a 65 percent completion rate with 45 touchdown passes and 24 interceptions, nearly a two to one TD to INT ratio. Jason's collegiate awards and honors included the 2003 Music City Bowl MVP, 2004 First Team All-SEC, 2004 SEC Offensive Player of the Year, 2004 SEC Championship Game MVP, 2005 Sugar Bowl MVP, five SEC Offensive Player of the Week honors and the distinction of quarterbacking Auburn to their first ever undefeated season Jason's senior year in 2004.

In 2005 the Redskins and Joe Gibbs traded three picks, a first, third and fourth, to nab Jason with the 25th overall selection in that year's draft. Jason became the team's starter full time in the tenth game of the 2006 season and entered 2007 training camp as the undisputed starter.

The 2008 season saw the Redskins hire Jim Zorn as head coach to replace the retired Joe Gibbs and there is simply no question that Jason has benefited from coach Zorn's instruction and leadership, after struggling with fumbles and interceptions through 2006 and 2007, Jason led the league in interception ratio with one INT per 84 passes thrown, the only rated quarterback with fewer interceptions in 2008 threw 260 fewer passes than Jason and the only other rated quarterback with the same number of INTs, six, threw 130 fewer.

As the Redskins went in 2008 so did Jason, as Redskins fans let us look at Jason's upside on display in the first half of 2008. With better blocking Jason can be an elite quarterback, as of right now Jason enters 2009 on the last year of his rookie contract, the Redskins need to step up and give Jason top starter money, lock him up for the long term and build around him, Jason will get it done for the Redskins.

Happy birthday Jason!

Jason Campbell signing autographs in 2008 training camp: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP photo from here.

Sunday Division Playoffs Open Thread

Pennsylvania state of mind

Post games update: Curly R once again finished three for four, let there be Championship weekend.

After a three for four performance in yesterday's picks, The Curly R is throwing up another playoff thread with picks for those surfing teh webs on a playoff football Sunday.

1:00 pm ET FOX
PHI @ NYG (-4)
Spread pick: Eagles
Straight up: Eagles

Third time is the charm for a divisional matchup, the visiting team won both regular season games. Unless the Eagles have a total meltdown I think they will win the game.

Results: Eagles spread / Eagles straight up. I am no Eagles fan to be sure. I love to see the Giants take a beating.

4:45pm ET CBS
SD @ PIT (-6)
Spread pick: Chargers
Straight up: Steelers

Despite San Diego's performance against the Colts last week I do not think lightning bug Darren Sproles is going to have a lot of room today. That said 18 percent of me thinks the Steelers might blow it.

Results: Steelers spread / Steelers straight up. Smashmouth football lives.

Enjoy the games, expecially you NFC Beast fans out there, football is rapidly winding down, do not be the fan that messed around and missed these games. What are your picks?

This is a playoff gameday open thread.

NFL team logos from here, Chris Creamer's is an indispensable resource for sports bloggers.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Division Playoffs Open Thread

The last time for Saturday football this season

Update 11pm: Curly R finished three for four, and that fourth one I am pretty sure every serious football fan in the country missed.

For those sitting around surfing the internets here are Curly R's picks for today's games FYI:

4:30 pm CBS
BAL @ TEN (-3)
Spread pick: Ravens
Straight up: Ravens

I think the 2008 Tennessee Titans are a textbook example of peaking too early. The Ravens put the hammer down.

Results: Ravens spread / Ravens straight up. It is at times difficult for me to believe that defensive core has stayed together and performed at this high a level for this long.

8:30pm FOX
ARZ @ CAR (-10)
Spread pick: Cardinals
Straight up: Panthers

The Cardinals surprised me last week by dominating the Falcons. But now they travel east where they are 0-4 this season to play a real team.

Results: Cardinals spread / Cardinals straight up. Well that was a surprise. Arizona now advances to their first conference championship since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, if the Eagles win tomorrow the Cardinals will actually be hosting the NFC Championship. That seems insane to me.

Enjoy, my kids are having a sleepover, they are tearing up my house during the early game, everyone will be sound asleep by the evening game. What are your picks?

This is a playoff gameday open thread.

NFL team logos from here.

Happy Birthday Malcolm Kelly

Hoping to see more of this on Sundays

Please join me in wishing Redskins rising second year receiver Malcolm Kelly a happy birthday, Malcolm turned 22 on 30 December of 2008.

Malcolm was selected by the Redskins in the second round of the 2008 NFL draft, 51st overall, Malcolm was the third of the Redskins three second round picks in this draft. Malcolm grew and played high school football in Longview Texas, midway between Marshall and Tyler Texas, in other words in the middle of nowhere east Texas between Dallas and Shreveport Louisiana. A three time all-district and two time all state receiver, Malcolm was a top ten national prospect, ultimately electing to attend the University of Oklahoma and play for Bob Stoops.

Malcolm tore it up in his first three seasons at OU, leading the Sooners in receptions and yards as a true freshman in 2005, feats that earned Malcolm Sporting News Freshman All-America honors. In his second season in 2006 Malcolm became the fastest Oklahoma receiver to 1000 yards. Malcolm continued to wow Sooners fans in 2007 with 49 catches for 821 yards his junior year, a gaudy 16.8 yards per catch average. Malcolm carried a deep thigh bruise into the January 2008 Fiesta Bowl and aggravated his knee in that game, he elected to go into the NFL draft after his junior season, finishing his college career with 144 catches and 2285 yards in 38 games, 21 touchdowns and a 15.9 yards per catch average.

Malcolm battled injury and the learning curve of the pro game in his rookie campaign in 2008, if Malcolm can get better and sustain it he has the size, speed and experience to be a threat to any defense, let's hope for more in 2009.

Happy Birthday Malcolm!

Malcolm Kelly in an NFL Players photo shoot: uncredited photo from here.

Happy Birthday Shaun Suisham

I'll have an order of backbacon and toast hold the toast

Please join us here at The Curly R in wishing Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham a happy birthday, Shaun turned 27 on the 29th of December 2008.

Shaun is originally from Wallaceburg Ontario Canada, a few miles east of the international border near Detroit. His claim to fame in high school was kicking a 58 yard field goal in the mud to win the Kent County championship in 1999. Shaun later attended Bowling Green University and was with the Steeler and Cowboys before being signed by the Redskins in November of 2006. Before game twelve of that season Shaun was activated from the practice squad and incumbent kicker Nick Novak was released. Shaun has been the Redskins kicker since and after a challenging 2008 season I hope Shaun can work it out in the offseason and get back to his 2007 form in 2009.

Happy birthday Shaun!

Shaun Suisham kicking at Dallas in a September 2008 Redskins win: Getty Images from here.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Should Have Let This One Go, TO

More like a fumble than an incomplete pass

Last week Bags at A Cowboy Nation pointed out to me retired receiver and Hall of Fame finalist Cris Carter's comments about Dallas receiver Terrell Owens and what Cris would do with TO if Cris were in charge of Cowboys' personnel decisions: shoot him.

Well we have a story update. With a tip from Alana, senior athletes editor, TO now has his own blog at Yardbarker, a network of blogs and writers, including a few athletes, and TO's first post tackles Cris' comments.

To hilarious effect I might add and not deliberately. TO's post is a whopping 50 words and asks the musical question, what would people have thought if it was TO that said this about Cris and not Cris that said this about TO?

I can tell you the answer from most level headed football fans and that answer is that TO you are a dumbass.

In fairness though that would more or less be my answer to any question about TO posed by TO. Or anyone else for that matter.

Although it is no doubt great for Yardbarker's numbers this is a good example of what happens when celebrities try and put themselves out there in a manner bypassing the traditional media, and do it without regard to their status within the fan community.

Here TO is opening his own blog storefront, in theory trying to relate directly to the little people. What TO does not realize is that TO is not Chris Cooley or any other high profile person not known for writing or espousing opinions directly in print, TO has not put any effort into cultivating a persona that fans can find in any way favorable or relate to.

Go have a look at the comments on this post, as of this writing there were already 316 in eleven hours, a walk through them will reveal plenty of classic puerile Cowboys fans, EVEYRONE KNOWS TO IS A HOFER and ALL EAGLES FAN WILL ALWAYS HAET COWBOYS FAN (sorry, no direct links to comments on Yardbarker or else I would share with you the wonder that is Cowboys fans defending TO's honor).

The large majority of them though are along the lines of, lol you suck.

The moral of this story is as usual with TO, there is no moral to the story. Cris Carter said something stupid and instead of letting us forget it TO tried to make an issue out of it and all that came was more cromagnon debate about whether TO is teh graetest evar or the biggets ay hole in the game.

Terrell Owens dropping another one from here.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris Horton

New favorite

Please join me in wishing Redskins rising second year safety Chris Horton a happy birthday, Chris turned 24 on Monday 29 December 2008.

A seventh round draft pick out of UCLA, Chris was by far and away the take of the 2008 draft by the Redskins. Chris played his way into a starting job by week four and though he missed two games with injury Chris still managed to finish the season with three interceptions, a fumble recovery, a sack and 53 tackles, he seemed to be everywhere around the play and the ball all season. Chris is exactly the kind of player Redskins fans want to see on the field and I hope the team manages to lock him up for the long term.

Happy birthday Chris!

Chris Horton leaving the field after an excellent first career start: Preston Keres / Washington Post from here.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mullah Cris Carter Issues Fatwa Condemning Terrell Owens to Death

When cutting a player is not enough

With a hat tip to Bags at A Cowboy Nation, former Eagles and Vikings receiver Cris Carter did a radio interview last week wherein he discussed the first thing he would do if he were in charge of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys, and it had to do with Terrell Owens:

I'd take one bullet and put it in him, BAM!

Anger problems much Cris?

YouTube of Cris Carter interview from here.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Curly R Endorses Hugging Harold Reynolds' Founder Ren McCormack for the New York Jets Head Coaching Position

One of our own

For the first time evar the editorial staff of The Curly R, a media property focusing on the Washington Redskins, is issuing an endorsement in another team's head coaching search. After careful consideration and a not unimpressive media blitz by Hugging Harold Reynolds' founder Ren McCormack, The Curly R wholeheartedly endorses Mr. McCormack's candidacy as head coach of the other New York City football team, Mr. McCormack is in formal talks with the team as we speak.

Mr. McCormack has experience as both player, racking up a 9-9 record in a storied high school career and as coach where he has deep experience with coeds in an adult themed league, giving him more football experience than the last Jets coach combined. It is difficult to imagine the experienced and successful Jets braintrust passing up on a chance to bring in a fresh face representing the future of New Jersey football.

Jets 1978-1997 logo from here.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year from The Curly R

2008 mercy kill

Happy New Year from The Curly R, for gods sake please let 2009 be better than 2008.

Other Curly R New Year's wishes: 2007 :: 2008 :: 2010

NewYear's 2009 from here.