Friday, December 17, 2010

Let Me Be Clear

I'll speak slowly for the trolls and nitwits and the head coach

There are three reasons putting Rex Grossman in the game, even for a play, is a bad idea:

1. There is a better quarterback on the roster. His name is Donovan McNabb.

2. The better quarterback is healthy.

3. The better quarterback is under contract for 2011.

These reasons notably do not include any discussion of Rex Grossman's ability or standing, nor of the price paid in trade for Donovan McNabb, because both are moot. Mike Shanahan has officially turned a segment of Redskins fans to rooting against their team just to be sure he gets the point. Nice work genius.

Donovan McNabb: Reuters Pictures from here.


Rob King


Ben -
Can you provide a detailed outline of the McNabb contract as it is structured? We are all aware that McNabb got 3.5 million as a signing bonus for this year and that if the Skins cut him before week 1 of next season; he is not owed anything further and is free to become a free agent. After this scenario it gets murky. There are stories stating $40 Mil in guarantees and others that are inconclusive.
I want to know a few McNabb's contract view favorably by other teams who may be willing to trade for it? What could the Skins get as compensation? How does his contract stack against other QBs in the L? And ultimately, do we see the Skins keeping McNabb, cutting him, or attempting to trade his contract?
Thanks for your consideration...need some clarifications.
Rob K.