Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Approve

Position(s) of need

Trent Williams over Russell Okung? All the predraft hype was over Russell, I will give the Redskins braintrust the benefit of the doubt, Trent is a great prospect, had a great combine and is flexible enough to play multiple positions. The only way this can be a bad pick is if this was a bad pick. Now barring a trade Redskins fans can take a walk until Saturday, we do not pick again until number 103.

The Redskins have their new tackle.

Trent Williams: Sooners Illustrated from here.


Those two parts are supposed to be together

Monday on my way home from work I took a bad turn on my bike and wiped out, for my trouble I separated my right shoulder, medically a sprain between grades three and five. Needles to say typing is somewhat troublesome so I will be enjoying the draft over the next three nights like any non blogging Redskins fan, which is to say doing a lot of talking and surfing but not typing.

For whatever it is worth I hope they go Russell Okung or Trent Williams at tackle and be done with it. Back in March I selected Trent Williams at number four in the 2010 No Logo Needed Blogger Mock Draft, only because the Buccaneers blogger selected Russell at number three. Have a look at what I wrote here.

The Redskins are on the clock.

X-ray image of my right shoulder by the helpful folks at the Arlington County Hospital emergency room.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Breaking: Donovan McNabb Traded to Redskins, News Conference 9:30pm ET, ESPN News

Update 11:15pm ET: Three hours to reflect on the situation and I am with the program, ring me up, I am on board with Donovan McNabb, already in the market for a new number five jersey.

Update 10:30pm ET: Curly R quick take: Donovan McNabb becomes our starting quarterback for 2010, serious questions about blocking and offensive line play and receiver quality may hamper Dono, and age and injuries may play a role as well. On the upside, Dono will for the first time have a legitimate ground game to back him up. Overall this will be good for Washington. This clears the way for Washington to select a tackle in this month's draft. Sadly, the Jason Campbell era is over.

Update 10:27pm ET: Adam Shefter was on, thinks the Eagles traded Dono to Washington out of respect for Donovan, to prevent him from going to the Bills or Raiders, given the Redskins offer for compensation. The unspoken opposite position is they traded Dono to Washington because they think he has nothing left in the tank and or that the Redskins are such a poorly run organization that they cannot win with him.

Update 10:21pm ET: Ron Jaworski now on ESPN News, he is as shocked, shocked that the Eagles would trade Dono to a division rival. Also thinks Dono is a perfect fit for Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan's offense.

Update 10:08pm ET: ESPN analyst and former Redskins offensive lineman Mark Schlereth was as surprised as I am that the Eagles would trade Dono to a division rival. That tells me the Eagles have little respect for Donovan McNabb or the Redskins, likely the latter.

Update 9:59pm ET: The presser is over and the ESPN talking heads tell me the first person Dono reached out to was Redskins incumbent quarterback Jason Campbell. The end of the Jason Campbell era is upon us.

Update 9:54pm ET: When asked to name his top Donovan McNabb memory, Andy said oh garsh there are so many but I would have to say fourth and 26, that was a pretty good day right there. Andy was referring to Dono's 11 January 2004 pass to Freddie Mitchell on fourth and 26 in the division round of the 2003 playoffs against the Packers, that pass saved an Eagles drive that ended in a tying field goal, then the Eagles won in overtime, it was an incredible come from behind win. I was at that game.

Update 9:46pm ET: Another text to my phone points out that the background behind a wheezing Andy Reid at this press conference reads FLUANDASTHMA.COM

Update 9:40pm ET: My phone is lighting up with texts and emails, sample from a friend in Kansas City, still guffawing about the Larry Johnson deal, on watching the Andy Reid press conference: "Reid is so tensed up he may not take a shit for weeks."

Update 9:37pm ET: Dono and Andy Reid came to the Eagles at the same time, in 1999, this is not how I thought that marriage would end.

Update 9:32pm ET: Andy Reid is hosting the Eagles press conference, says the timing was right, the compensation (from the Redskins) and Philadelphia has a great quarterback in Kevin Kolb in the wings, saddy though that he has to part ways with Dono.

Update 9:30pm ET: The blow dried talking heads on ESPN News tell me that Adam Shefter reported that Dono wanted to come to Washington. Why? That btw is a real question, tell me what you think.

Holy shit. The Redskins traded a second round pick this year and a third or fourth round pick next year to the Eagles for quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Live coverage now on ESPN News, there is a press conference scheduled for 9:30pm ET, tune and let's see what the fuck is happening.