Thursday, July 19, 2007

Redskins Greatest Games Volume One: November 3, 1991 - Part 6

Every game has a story. This is the story of Sunday November 3 1991, RFK Stadium, Redskins 16, Oilers 13 (OT).

Curly R continues the inaugural edition of Redskins Greatest Games with Part 6, The Moment.

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Part 6: The Moment
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Joe Gibbs. Jack Pardee. The Redskins' past versus its present. In a game dubbed 'Super Bowl 35-1/2,' both teams had tried all day to give the game away. Now, it was going into overtime tied at thirteen...


The Redskins won the overtime toss, took the ball and promptly three-and-outed, all runs to Earnest Byner before punting to the Houston 31 yard line.[7] It was Warren Moon's turn.

The first Oilers play of this posession was a two-yard run by Lorenzo White.[7]

Now the moment that sealed it, the moment that made me jump off that ratty couch, that place I had lain all morning in recovery from the celebration of my 22nd birthday the night before, pumping my fists and shouting YES! YES! YES!

Warren Moon had been exploiting the slant route against the Redskins defense all day. The Redskins for their part were content to let Warren have the short passes and play contain.[5] Houston native Darrell Green was playing off, respecting Haywood Jeffires' speed with a buffer at the line.

The second Oilers play of this possesion, Warren went to the well one time too many times. It was a pass and Haywood broke in on a slant pattern. Redskins defensive end Jumpy Geathers was pressuring Warren. Darrell saw the play, cut in, rubbed shoulders with Haywood and grabbed for the pass. There was a struggle and Darrell came up with the ball at 4:01 of overtime.[7] Jack complained [1] and replay officials called for a review.[5]

Under the original instant replay rules in effect at that time as now, the no-call of a penalty cannot be overturned on review[5], and both players have equal claim to the ball. Possession Redskins[9] on the Oilers 32.

Earnest Byner got three straight carries for nine total yards. Joe Gibbs called for Chip Lohmiller, who booted the 41 yard winner straight through.[7] Game over, Redskins win 16-13 in overtime.

In the end, the Redskins managed to roll up 349 total yards of offense,[7] including 154 yards rushing and gave up no sacks against the best defense in the AFC[6]. Earnest Byner ran for 112 yards. Rookie Ricky Ervins picked up 43 yards. Mark Rypien completed 21 of 34 passes for 195 yards. The Oilers had held each of their previous four opponents under 100 yards rushing. The Redskins defense held the Oilers to 267 total yards of offense, 120 yards fewer than their 1991 season average.[7] Box score.

But the Redskins also gave up four turnovers, including Brian Mitchell's critical fumble on a kickoff with less than two minutes left in the game.[7] There had been some luck in there along with solid line play and good coaching.


Curly R's Redskins Greatest Games concludes tomorrow with part 7, The Aftermath.

Earnest Byner from here. Darrell Green from here. Chip Lohmiller from here.