Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now we'll play a little game I call...

How bout

Update: I have wrongly attributed What if to Skin Patrol when it was actually shit disturber TexSkins. Curly R regrets the inconvenience to goody two shoes Skin Patrol associated with rabble rousing. - BF

If Skin Patrol TexSkins gets to play what if then I get to play How bout, the game of harsh reality and obvious bias. Let the games begin:

How bout Jim Zorn? How bout career assistant, loved in Seattle but no pre hire buzz, just as likely to fold under pressure as be mediocre. Do not forecast immediate success with Washington.

How bout ownership trying to do the right thing all along and finding Jim Zorn as a logical outcome of a well thought out strategy? How bout Waterworld? How bout New Coke?

How bout Jim Fassel as a washed up media liability? How bout Jim Fassel was the best head coaching candidate in the bunch. I feel bad for Jim, he is clearly wallowing and now going all the way back to regret taking the Baltimore offense coordinator position for Brian Billick. How bout both those guys get another shot in the league.

How bout if Steve Mariucci aka Mooch was just posturing for the Redskins job? How bout Mooch is a backslapping carpetbagger more intent on setting up his next big score than his next playoff run. I'll bet Mooch went into an interview with Dan Snyder, tried to press all the right buttons and came off looking like a huge bootlicker.

How bout if Mooch didn't add anything in the interview process that Jim Zorn hadn't already covered? How bout Mooch is a guy with three things Jim Zorn doesn't have: experience as a top coordinator, experience as a head coach with three teams and playoff wins.

How bout if Steve Spagnuolo aka Spags is a few years away from being a good head coach? How bout Spags spent eight years working under legend Jim Johnson in Philadelphia and is in his 26th year of coaching, sometimes promotions come late and coaches move up quickly.

How bout if Ron Meeks was not ready or How bout if Jim Zorn / Greg Blache is a better team than Ron Meeks / Greg Blache? How bout if Al Gore were president?

How bout if Jim Mora really didn't want to leave Seattle? How bout no one in this business cares that much about a city. How bout coachkiller himself Michael Vick getting Jim Mora fired in Atlanta.

How bout Jim Zorn was a common thread in all Redskins coaching interviews? How bout Dan Snyder putting it there, like the burled teak in his Maybach or the king size bed on Redskins One, just impossible to get through a conversation without him mentioning it.

How bout if instead of stashing Jim Zorn like Jerral W. Jones stashed Jason Garrett, Dan Snyder just said fuck it he's our guy of the future let's let him get into it? How bout Jerral W. Jones deciding not to sacrifice 32 games to Jason's OJT.

How bout if Jim Zorn really is the next big thing? How bout if he's not?

How bout if he was the next big thing and the Redskins kept him down as a coordinator and another team wound up benefiting from his head coaching prowess? How bout if it doesn't work out it's management's responsibility either way.

How bout if Mike Holmgren is the one true descendant of Bill Walsh and Jim Zorn has accordingly inherited mad skillz? How bout Jim Zorn fell out of favor on his own team, How bout he was looking at a lame duck 2008 in Seattle and How bout if he were all that and a decaf skim latte future Seahawks coach Jim Mora would have been all over keeping him.

How bout if Jim Zorn is the right guy in the right place with the right system and the right personnel? How bout this management team's track record? How bout wondering whether a franchise with nearly 40 years of consistent offensive philosophy can pivot to a new thing and not suffer on the field or with the fans? How bout maintaining continuity from Joe Gibbs, the man that gave four more years of his life to this team only to see it jettisoned right to his face.

How bout if I am all wrong about this and Jim Zorn turns out to be teh mang? How bout we play the percentages, risk return and the percentages don't favor success? How bout if it's true writing about how I was wrong is another dozen pieces I don't have to think about, they write themselves?

How bout if ownership got one right and I am blinded by bitterness and distrust of Dan Snyder? How bout if they didn't? How bout if Dan Snyder has spent the past four years straining on the john, plotting how he would do things differently with the Redskins after Joe Gibbs finally left, just like he did with Norval Turner and Steve Spurrier? How bout those success stories?

How bout if it all turns out right and the Redskins are a winner and I had to admit Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato called this one right? How bout I am so confident that won't happen that I will pledge never to write another mean thing about Dan Snyder if the Redskins win a Super Bowl under Jim Zorn.

How bout if in a few years I had to apologize to Dan Snyder over all this? How bout my love for the Redskins is greater than my dislike of the Redskins' owner.

So, how bout it?

Jim Zorn meal McDonald's sign from here. Go make your own.