Friday, July 11, 2008

Favre Out


Saturday update I am covering this and other stories this
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Four months after retiring, Brett Favre is unretiring. And he wants out of Green Bay. Well this ought to be a fun story.

He does not want to play for the Packers, feels as though they pressured him to make a decision after ther 2007 season so he went ahead and hung em up. Now that the season is starting to roll around he is getting antsy to play football, playing with a high school team, can you imagine how psyched those guys are, running 50 yards down field and a ball landing perfectly on your hands.

Too much has passed between Brett and the team over moving on or coming back so he just wants out and hopes it is amicable. He has three years and 39 million dollars left on his contract.

What will Brett Favre for one season in the open market? Ten million? Fifteen? Veteran minimum? Who has money to pay him. What's the angle?

He'd look great in burgundy and gold.

Brett Favre: Matthew Stockman / Getty Images from here.