Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome LaRon

When this guy hits you, you'll know it

I didn't think LaRon Landry was the right guy for the sixth overall pick back in April and now what's done is done, so let's get it on.

LaRon is finally on board, having signed a five-year deal worth up to 41.5 million dollars with 17.5 million guaranteed. As you can see above, LaRon is quite large and as you can see here, the hits and the body go together. Although an unimproved defensive line means more plays in the defensive backfield, I think Sean Taylor and LaRon, if they can gel and form a team, will really make receivers and open-field ball carriers hear footsteps. Terrell Owens, I think you've already met Sean's right shoulder, now meet LaRon's left shoulder.

So the thing that worries me is freelancing and an abundance of opportunities to make the big hit and not stick with the play. Sean will think he has something to prove and LaRon is a kid. Hopefully veteran know-how and the mix of returning safeties will improve the position.

The Redskins defensive backfield looks good. Let's hope the line can hold up at least part of its end of the bargain. Welcome to the Redskins, LaRon. Now go hit someone.

Image from here. Hat tip to Hogs Haven for spotting it.


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