Friday, February 01, 2008

If It's Steve Mariucci I'm Going to Puke

I think he got fired from here too

It is beginning to look more and more like Steve Mariucci is the leading candidate for the Redskins head coaching position and I could not be less happy.

First Jason La Canfora connected the dots last Sunday: new offensive coordinator Jim Zorn is a Mike Holmgren disciple, same as Steve. Greg Blache was with the Packers for Mike Holmgren's first two years in 1992 and 1993. When Steve tool his ill fated job as Lions head coach he tried to get Greg from the Bears to be his defensive coordinator.

The next day Jason reported the Redskins had hired Larry Brooks to coach the defensive line, replacing Greg Blache. Larry worked for Mike Holmgren in Green Bay and followed him to Seattle. Then after following Greg Blache to the Bears in 2003 went to Detroit to work for Mariucci.

Overarching all these personnel moves is Vinny Cerrato, San Francisco 49ers personnel executive during Steve's tenure as 49ers head coach.

Later that day David Wagner at Riggo's Rag reported on seeing an awkward exchange on NFL (Network) between Steve and Deion Sanders, so awkward was it that after a commercial break they put Steve back on air to deny he was taking the Redskins job. Thanks to Hail Redskins, here is the video, helpfully from NFL (Network).

The next day, Tuesday Dan Steinberg linked to Washington Post video of NFL (Network) host Rich Eisen talking about Steve, it is amusing for its obfuscatory value.

Same day Jason La Canfora put it in context for us: it's Vinny Cerrato's team right now. It is becoming more and more clear that he has a free hand to build this team and Dan Snyder is letting him have his shot. I think this is a mistake.

Following day, Wednesday, Jason reported that Steve quote has increased his behind the scenes efforts unquote to get the job. Seems to me that this would be a natural response to a secret candidacy that was suddenly discovered, rather than keep denying it you sort of hint at it in a way that won't violate your current contract with the NFL (Network).

Next day, yesterday, Jason sums up the four candidates for coach and leads with Steve.

Steve Mariucci is a carpetbagger, a grifter who only looks for work when his last score dries up. He should not be the head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Steve Mariucci from here.




That picture you have is from his home town...that's the high school he went too. He's there visiting in this photo...he didn't get fired from there. It's also MY home town and where I went to high school. Maybe you aren't crazy about the idea of him coaching for the Redskins and that's fine but perhaps you could find a respectful way to say it.