Monday, April 28, 2008

Redskins Fifth Pick: Cornerback Justin Tryon

And the Redskins secondary will stay chatty

The Redskins used their fifth pick in the 2008 NFL draft, fourth round number 124 overall, to select Arizona State cornerback Justin Tryon. Justin is an experienced cover cornerback who can also play the run. Another good pick that matches up with a Redskins need. From's profile of Justin:

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 190 lbs

Pros: experienced, used to covering opponents' top receiver, can cover larger receivers, provides good run support, stays with receivers on deep throws, skilled at reading opponents' routes, stays in position, good wrap up tackler, not fooled by receiver double moves, can swat balls away at the point of catch, not shy with his mouth.

Cons: gets blocked off plays easily, needs to improve hands and not rely on trapping the ball, needs to improve timing on jump balls, weak tackler easily brushed off by larger receivers and backs, needs to get larger to be a regular NFL player, may have trouble digesting a large playbook and needs to show greater commitment to football in general, fooled by QB playaction fake, liberal use of mouth tends to attract needless penalties.

Curly R quick take: despite his favorite team being the Dallas Cowboys and his favorite player being Deion Sanders, Justin is a great pick, he addresses a serious need for the Redskins in the secondary. With Carlos Rogers coming back from a serious knee injury and Shawn Springs as ever the subject of much offseason speculation, Fred Smoot may be the Redskins top corner to start the 2008 season. Backstopping Fred Smoot with Justin provides depth and a mentor and I just hope there are not too many mouths back there. Wouldn't it be funny if Justin was just as loud as Fred Smoot but a right wing conservative to counter Fred Smoot's godless redistributive bleeding heart liberalness?

Washington Redskin Justin Tryon, Lisa Olson East Valley Tribune from here.