Thursday, February 26, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

Midwifing new material

Update 11:30 pm:  the Bills cut Derrick Dockery?  And Robert Royal?  Two years after signing Derrick to a seven year 49 million dollar contract?  What happened there, how did he fall out?  Jason La Canfora and the cast of thousands at Redskins Insider tell us that Washington is gunning for Derrick, I say bring him back, Pete Kendall is still solid and looks better as an affordable backup.  And if I might be so bold, former Redskin Robert Royal might be a better backup tight end than Fred Davis and Todd Yoder combined.

At one minute past midnight tonight the NFL's 2009 free agency period begins, what will be the Redskins play? Albert Haynesworth, DeAngelo Hall, Chris Canty, a quote second tier unquote offensive linemen?

Looking back to the first hours of free agency in 2006, the Redskins pulled down Brandon Lloyd, Antwaan Randle El, Andre Carter and Adam Archuleta, in retrospect (Curly R did not start up until training camp of 2006) where the fuck did the Redskins get the money to hand out four 30 million dollar contracts?

Before free agency midnight 2007 there were a bunch of names out there, only London Fletcher in the top tier and Fred Smoot in the second tier emerged from the pack to join the team. Left guard Derrick Dockery was the major loss.

Come free agency midnight 2008 the Redskins had decided they would not be big players in the market, with Todd Collins and Ryan Boschetti the major signings. There were no major losses after 2008 unless you considered Reche Caldwell or David Macklin key players.

Now with 2009 on deck the team has said it will be a player in free agency. The prime targets appear to be cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Titans defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, and a second tier offensive lineman.

Washington has the edge with DeAngelo, he is a Redskins player and the team could sign him for any amount at any time, that deal may come down tonight before free agency starts, we know he wants to play in Washington so the question is simply what would other teams be willing to pay DeAngelo given his flameout in Oakland eight games after signing a seven year 70 million dollar deal then his stellar performance in Washington, seven games, four starts, nineteen tackles, two interceptions. DeAngelo does something Fred Smoot does not and that is challenge the ball and also does something Shawn Springs does not and that is play every game.

Albert Haynesworth, well there is no question he is the best defensive tackle available, if not the dominant DT in the league right now, although I will get much mileage out of Albert stomping Cowboys center Andre Gurode then serving a six game suspension, it would seem that Albert has put his troubles behind him and is focused on football and damn if the Redskins do not need a dominant defensive tackle.

As for the modest offensive lineman, I confess I have no idea what that means in the NFL anymore. Jacksonville left tackle Jordan Gross signed a six year deal for 60 million dollars with 30 million guaranteed, I think that is not what the Redskins are looking for. With the modern reflecting the rest of the country with a shrinking middle class, a small number of elite earners and a crapload of people at the margins.

As a Redskins fan I will say this, I am not sure Albert Haynesworth would be a great fit and DeAngelo Hall needs to be signed. That the two top free agents we are taking about are both on the defensive side of the ball when the Redskins had a top five defense last season and a top 20 offense is a serious concern for me.

Watching the storm roll in from here.