Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Mean This Is Not How You Spent Your February?

Definition of getaway

So after enduring, so far in February alone, the SNORLY, Snowpocalypse II (Day One :: Day Two :: Day Three :: Day Four) and Snowpocalypse III (Day One :: Day Two :: Day Four :: Day Five), Clan Folsom joined Clan Wilbert Montgomery for the roughly annual families trip to Boca Grande, on Gasparilla Island in Gulf coast Florida where the most we had to worry about was a fleece in the morning. Commence intense relaxation.

Photo by me, coconuts picked by me, on the right that is a Salty Dog, Stolichnaya vodka and juice freshly squeezed from a grapefruit that was hanging on the tree moments earlier, in a salt rimmed glass.