Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Training Camp Diary 15 August 2007

I got that. No? Ok whatever.

This piece was originally published at Hogs Haven on 15 August 2007.

15 August 2007
Rocky McIntosh, Marcus Washington and London Fletcher could make an awesome trio of linebackers. Yesterday on WLJA-TV (ABC 7 in the DC area), I saw an exicted Greg Toland breathlessly telling me London looked just like Wilber Marshall. I'm not ready to go there but if London can do what he's done his whole career (not miss a game, lead team in tackles), Marcus can regain his 2005 form and Rocky can fit between them, that's a great corps. Last season it seemed to me like the the linebackers kind of got lost between an overcompensating defensive line and an all over the place secondary.

Defensive lineman Lorenzo Alexander is all man. After his helmetless tackle of Tim Rattay in the preseason game Saturday he got a chinful of stitches and a new nickname, Scarface. You can see the video here. He is looking good for a roster spot since Cornelius Griffin and Kedric Golston are pretty much set at starter so Joe Salave'a and Scarface look like the predicted reserves.

Three weeks three! and Brandon Lloyd is just now starting (op. cit.) to practice, yeah, he'll be ready to go by September 9. Curly R predicted receiver depth chart: Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El, James Thrash, Brandon Lloyd, Todd Pinkston or Mike Espy. Looking at last season's stats, if you are number three or lower you are on receiving welfare.

OMG ROTFLMAO!!!1!!1 Shawn Springs as the number three cornerback? Sitting on the bench and coming in only on obvious passing downs when he does not have to check down on the line? In his dreams. Dude, for seven million dollars you will start and you will get eight interceptions, at least one a takeaway from Terrell Owens that causes him to pitch a fit and call Wade Phillips 'fatty.' The cornerback depth chart will be this: starting pair will be Shawn and Carlos Rogers with Fred Smoot as number three and open competition at number four. If Carlos and/or Shawn struggle, then Fred is there to step up.

Chris Samuels wants to be back by the last preseason game (op. cit.). That's good because offensive line play is all about timing and repetition. It's not enough simply to sit out the preseason (Clinton Portis!) and say, well I can pop right in there and be in midseason form. Football is a physical game and repetition breeds trust.

And don't panic but if you read this it sounds like the sky is falling. Chicken Little indeed.

Finally, do you think there is room on this roster for Joe Jacoby? He's slumming around camp so I say GET HIM BACK IN UNIFORM!

Shawn Springs and Santana Moss practicing: Peter Lockely / Washington Times from here.