Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shaving Cream Pie in the Face!

Looks ok to me

Last night, my intrepid co-blogger Brandon witnessed recovering Washington Nationals first baseman Nick Johnson get nailed in the face with a shaving cream pie by backup catcher Robert Fick, on camera, mid-interview during a spring training game against the Mets. Like a baseball player accustomed to playing 162 games a season he soldiered on and finished the interview even as he cleared the foamy lubricant from his mug. The guy is recovering from a broken femur so he could easily have been a baby but he wasn't. It's pretty funny, hopefully someone will YouTube it.

This reminded me of the time when rookie #36 Sean Taylor got cream pied by linebacker LaVar Arrington at 2004 June minicamp. Washington Post:

During Gibbs's final minicamp in early June, Taylor became the victim of a prank that caused a scare. Linebacker LaVar Arrington had sneaked up behind the rookie and shoved a shaving-cream pie into his face. Taylor was momentarily blinded before getting treatment, forcing him to miss practice the following day because of eye irritation.
He shrieked like a girl and brought the whole practice session to a halt. It got some play on area radio and was compared to when Patrick Ramsey was tied to the goalpost with duct tape his rookie year (there was a picture of that in the Post, so it's floating around somewhere). Here is the original story. Note with appropriate irony that this is a Micheal Barrow intro piece. He never played a down for the Redskins. Even as LaVar was leaving the Redskins a bitter man two years later Sean still could not let it go:
We'll miss [LaVar]," Taylor said. "We'll see him in competition. I wish him all the best. At least I don't have to worry about the shaving cream."
I am also reminded of the time Charles Barkley had to miss the 1994 season opener with the Suns because he er, rubbed lotion into his eyes at an Eric Claptop concert (TimesSelect). I never knew LSD came in lotion form.

Photo by Brandon Kriner