Thursday, July 16, 2009

Redskins Supplemental Draft Pick: Defensive End Jeremy Jarmon

Just what we needed, three months later

The Redskins did something today they have never done before, that being select a player in the NFL Supplemental Draft, picking University of Kentucky defensive end Jeremy Jarmon in the third round.

Ok so that is not entirely accurate. What is more true to say is that the Redskins were the only team to select a player in the 2009 NFL Supplemental Draft so in that sense the headline may as well be

Redskins select defensive end with top overall pick in Supplemental Draft

The NFL Supplemental Draft is a very weird thing. It caters to college players with at least a year of NCAA eligibility remaining that would have been eligible for the year's NFL regular Draft in April but for whatever reason did not declare, intending to come back another season and play and then somehow lost that eligibility.

In Jeremy's case he took a banned substance in an over the counter dietary supplement and was nailed in a random drug test. All indications are that this was an oversight and not part of a pattern. However the positive test led to a season long suspension, so he declared for the Supplemental Draft.

The Supplemental Draft is kind of like a blind auction, teams submit bids for players over email, the bid being in the form of a draft pick in the following year's draft. There is a quote draft unquote order, based like the regular Draft on results of the previous season. The team that submits the highest round pick for a player gets the player, with cases where multiple teams bid the same round going to the team with the highest pick in the round.

So there is no draft in the established April sense of the term. No carnival hawker in a two thousand dollar suit gets up to a podium and says to a breathless crowd of NYC douchebags With the first selection in the 2009 NFL Supplemental Draft the Washington Redskins select...

Instead there is some poor suffering bastard NFL staffer with a spreadsheet and a bunch of printed emails. In the end there was only one player selected and the Redskins offered the most for him. Five other teams bid a fourth round for Jeremy.

For his part shadow general manager Vinny Cerrato thinks Jeremy would have been a second round pick next April after playing another season, then again Vinny also selected the only punter in the 2008 draft, Durant Brooks did not last seven games.

Eight players declared for the Supplemental Draft, only one was taken. The Redskins now forfeit their third round pick in the 2010 draft. So he better be worth it.

What about Jeremy? Well he seems to be a decent pick:

Height: six feet three inches
Weight: 278 pounds

Pros: has size, has frame large enough to pack on bulk and or muscle; can play defensive end or tackle; played against top shelf competition; demonstrated ability to get to the quarterback.

Cons: not dominant at his position; best season was three years ago; coming off shoulder injury; ultimately may not be worth the pick the team gave up.

Curly R quick take: with Andre Carter anchoring the right side of the defensive line and filling the role of disruptive pass rusher, the Redskins really needed to address the left side of the line. Brian Orakpo may turn out to be the player that makes quarterbacks say oh crappo, the team has already acknowledged that he is not the right profile for an every down left defensive end. Phillip Daniels is 36 and returning from major surgery and boomerang Redskin Renaldo Wynn is 34, the team needed to do something to get younger and get younger with run stopping size and Jeremy may be that player.

The loss of a third round pick in the 2010 draft will not seem like such a big deal if Jeremy can get on the field and play, unlike last year's third round pick, offensive lineman Chad Rinehart. Oh yeah and what Greg says.

Jeremy Jarmon laying one on Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow: Getty Images from here. Everybody love to see Tim Tebow take a beating.