Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Approve

Position(s) of need

Trent Williams over Russell Okung? All the predraft hype was over Russell, I will give the Redskins braintrust the benefit of the doubt, Trent is a great prospect, had a great combine and is flexible enough to play multiple positions. The only way this can be a bad pick is if this was a bad pick. Now barring a trade Redskins fans can take a walk until Saturday, we do not pick again until number 103.

The Redskins have their new tackle.

Trent Williams: Sooners Illustrated from here.




we got ANOTHER TE?

Steven Kammerman


Can't have enough blockers with a 33 year-old oft-injured QB back there. This will help the team and offense.

Sara Davis


Whoo-hoo! Hello, playoffs! The Eagles are down and the Giants are down.