Thursday, April 22, 2010


Those two parts are supposed to be together

Monday on my way home from work I took a bad turn on my bike and wiped out, for my trouble I separated my right shoulder, medically a sprain between grades three and five. Needles to say typing is somewhat troublesome so I will be enjoying the draft over the next three nights like any non blogging Redskins fan, which is to say doing a lot of talking and surfing but not typing.

For whatever it is worth I hope they go Russell Okung or Trent Williams at tackle and be done with it. Back in March I selected Trent Williams at number four in the 2010 No Logo Needed Blogger Mock Draft, only because the Buccaneers blogger selected Russell at number three. Have a look at what I wrote here.

The Redskins are on the clock.

X-ray image of my right shoulder by the helpful folks at the Arlington County Hospital emergency room.




Hope you feel better soon.



Hope your better soon. I had a similar shoulder injury from falling on ice a little over a year ago. It took awhile to get better so hang in. I like the Skin pick too. I wish they had more.