Friday, December 17, 2010

Looking Back On When Donovan McNabb / Was A Nappy Headed Little Boy

Serioiusly who has my activator

Working on a midday post about butthurt Eagles fans pissed that Donovan McNabb is not in the running for the Pro Bowl following the 2010 season because for him to have done so would have meant Philadelphia's 2011 draft pick from the trade that brought Dono here would have accelerated from a fourth rounder to a third.

In the meantime, check out that 'do. No gauge on the year, Dono has hosted five NFC Championship Game press availabilities. Any Eagles fans out there, help me out with the date.

Uncredited image from here. With apologies to Stevie Wonder for the title.


Wilbert Montgomery


Hey Donovan, you been using my Head and Shoulders 'cause it's for guys who want thicker looking hair.


Haven't you


Haven't you