Sunday, December 05, 2010


2011 offseason starts now

A complete humilation today against the Giants, I am embarrassed right now to be a Redskins fan.

We knew there would be growing pains, we knew Mike Shanahan and his system would not turn the Redskins into a Super Bowl team in one season. We knew all this and expected to see the team struggle at times.

What we did not expect was an organization unable to field a basic NFL team. The struggles we imagined were oh man that was a close loss and damn that one play, not hey shit guys that was six turnovers today and why can't Chris Cooley catch the ball.

8-8 looks really optimistic at this point.

Metaphor as photo by me of the three year old Redskins Christmas tree ornament my eight year old son accidentally dropped today.


Wilbert Montgomery


We're embarrassed for you too Ben. Hey - if they are going to eff it up, at least they did it because of a hangover - right?



Why are we always in this spot? Year in year out, no matter who coaches or who plays, always get our hearts ripped out of our chest Indiana Jones style. FML!!!

Andy R


Ben - As you know, I was at the Bucs game today sitting in former Skins star Ray Schoenke's suite. Needless to say, I will understand if you just decide to call it quits on Curly R for the remainder of the season. This team is dreadful. I thought Schoenke was going to throw a chair out the window on that botched extra point snap....