Friday, November 17, 2006

5 Questions with the Buccaneers

If this week's matchup with Tampa were a movie, it might be called "Pirates of The Gulf of Mexico: Curse of the Overrated Coaches." The Redskins and the Buccaneers are both enjoying dreadful seasons, but one lucky team will get to pad its paltry win total this week down at the Ray Jay in Tampa. The other team will be that much closer to a top-five draft pick.

To celebrate this dubious occasion, we've exchanged questions with Brendan and Sarah of Best Bucs Blog. We've consulted our independent marketing focus group and confirmed that their blog is, indeed, the Best Freakin' Bucs Blog anywhere. Without further ado, here are their answers to our lame questions. Here is the link to Brendan and Sarah's answers. Head over there, read our answers and drop a comment.

Curly R: Given the success that he's had in Indy, do you ever miss Tony Dungy as the Bucs head coach? Granted, Jon Gruden is no slouch, but he's had up and down years with the Bucs while Dungy's made the playoffs every year.

BBB: Would you rather have a Super Bowl and three losing seasons or Division Championships followed by early exits from the playoffs? Tampa Bay will always love Dungy (as evidenced by the great deal of support from the community when his son passed away) but Gruden is our guy now. He's a top ten coach in this league.

Curly R: Do you ever miss the old Buccaneers uniforms? I mean, the winking, tangerine-colored pirate with a sword in his mouth was awesome!

BBB: Hells yeah, I'm hoping they rock the Creamsicle jerseys for the Thanksgiving game. Bring Back the Winking Pirate!

Curly R: Is there any hope for Chris Simms to succeed as the Bucs QB, or is he finished after a cold start and a bad injury? Is Bruce Gradkowski the long-term solution at QB or just a stop-gap while the team regroups for next season?

BBB: Since they're on the same subject I'll answer these together.

If Grads keeps playing like he is now Simms will be back. The Bucs are in a similar situation to where the Bears where at last season with their quarterbacks. The injured starter is better than everyone thinnks and the backup who is now starting is not as good as everyone thinks .

There is always the chance some team will swoop in on the Simms bidding and inflate his price, in which case there's a good chance the Bucs back off. But if Simms is back with the Bucs next season he is the starter and the future.

Curly R: What's your favorite Bucs moment of all time?

BBB: Ronde Barber's interception for a touchdown during the 2002-2003 NFC Championship Game. It was the moment we knew for sure that Tampa Bay was going to The Super Bowl. My phone started ringing off the hook with phone calls from all over the country congratulating me on the Bucs win.

I'll just add the caveat that I was with a bunch of over-confident Eagles fans at the time. There is nothing like enjoying your opponent's misery. Good thing the Skins game is just a few days away.


I think that might have been a bit of smack talking at the end there! May the best (or least bad) team win, and thanks to Brendan and Sarah for answering our questions!