Monday, November 20, 2006

Dono Tears ACL; Eagles QB Done for Season

Because that's really the headline from this game, right?

Ahh the land of the Moral Victory. The America-hating Washington Post reserves front-page, above the fold real estate for the Redskins Jason Campbell today, taking a break from its relentless and shrill liberal media Bush-bashing. Boswell says look on the bright side, Campbell is a keeper.

Meanwhile back on Earth the Redskins defense was giving up more than 350 yards to the 30th ranked offense in the league. The Redskins continue to be a breath of fresh air for every team they play. This week: the 31st ranked rushing attack, featuring a frustrated former Rookie of the Year in Carnell Williams gets a big day with 167 yards on the ground, including 122 from Williams, a franchise back in a sophomore slump with only one previous 100-yard game this season. Sean Taylor did donate one standard issue Signature Hit to Michael Clayton after the silly double-reverse. After that, the peanut gallery noted there were some drops and some hesitation on the part of the Buccaneers players when Sean was in the vicinity.

Offensively, the Redskins ran the ball a whole 8 times in the first half and I counted a total of 14 carries for 50 yards from Redskins backs. That's not going to answer the mail. Gibbs was furious, said the Redskins had lost their "principles." The team gave up after the Tampa Bay field goal in the 4th quarter. There was no sense of urgency in the final two Redskins drives, no sense that they could overcome a 10 point deficit in 4 minutes. Taking their time, questionable play calls, just wanting to end it and get home. Good thing the Aztecs aren't in charge anymore because the losing team was usually killed.

Curly R aside: ok, I don't know what the Redskins were trying to do with the Duckett trade either Les, but I'm now officially a Duckett guy. His sample size is still small and I am not ready to anoint him the Next Big Thing, but I saw him run hard in the first half and I think he could fit with this team. That said, the Redskins can't keep Ladell and TJ after this season, and Ladell has done nothing to lose his spot.

The team is totally falling apart.

Christian Fauria is on IR. Did he really exist in the first place?

Santana didn't play and I'm betting any takers a dollar that he finishes the season on IR too.

Adam Archuleta's agent has waded into the pool, claiming the Redskins are scapegoating his client since the defense continues to suck with Arch on the bench. Newsflash to Adam Archuleta's agent: the defense continues to suck because the Adam was kind of the plan at safety so when his replacements, a 35 yr old and a guy off the street, suck, it's because by the time we found out Adam sucked Pierson Prioleau was gone for the season and the only thing left at safety were league droppings. I wonder if Reed Doughty can play FS because the Redskins drafted Doughty as Sean Taylor's SS backup and Sean Taylor runs on alien technology so there are few opportunities for Doughty to get in the game.

Rocky McIntosh still isn't fitting into the basic defensive and yielding no return on his investment as a 2nd round pick which cost the Redskins 2 picks to pick.

Todd Yoder? Is this some kind of a joke? Because I'm not laughing.

Duckett Watch: 5 carries for 26 yards, and looking every bit a starter. Season now projecting to 19 carries for 105 yards.

B-Lloyd Blues: it's an undahdog pictcha. The two understudies, Jason and Brandon, take center stage to prove they can play in this league. With Mark and Santana on the sidelines, the Redskins go play-action on the first play from scrimmage, a streaking Brandon Lloyd is open long, the scene plays out in slow motion, the only sounds Brandon's breath and heartbeat and the whistling of the football through the air. Jason's perfectly placed spiral arcs down into, and passes through, the open hands of Brandon Lloyd. Cut back to full speed, Brandon finishes with two catches for 24 yards.

Campbell's Stew: this will be the last edition of Campbell's Stew, what with Jason's promotion. Next week we will promo a new feature in this space called Being Mark Brunell. Jason looked good, going 19/34 for 196 yards and 2 TDs. The best thing though was watching him go deep. I am pleased and look forward to seeing positive progress in his development.

Let the separation begin. The Eagles lost Dono and will now sink into the bottom half with the Redskins. Meanwhile the Cowboys beat the Colts with solid offense and solider defense and the Giants play tonight against the Jaguars.

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Jason & Brandon: detail from photo by Jonathan Newton / Washington Post