Friday, March 02, 2007

2007 Free Agency Open Thread

2007 starts today

10:30pm ET Saturday March 3 2007
In a story dated tomorrow, Howard Bryant and Jason La Canfora are calling Fred Smoot for the Redskins, but no terms were disclosed. Once again, Curly R puff piece. Howard and Jason are also reporting that Leonard Davis may turn out to be too expensive (that's a touch awkward a thing to explain to your quarterback don't you think?), Travis Fisher is sort of ho-hum and oh they're also looking for a tight end (whuhh? Todd Yoder and Chris Cooley aren't enough? Find one in the freaking draft!). Fred's signing ends Washington's highest profile forays into free agency and this concludes this thread's programming day.

8:00pm ET Saturday March 3 2007
London Fletcher-Baker is in, Fred Smoot made a second trip to Redskins Park today. Cue Curly R intro piece on London. Hogs Haven has the team's presser on London's arrival. Free agent focus now apparently turns to Arizona Cardinals offensive guard Leonard Davis.

9:30pm ET Friday March 2 2007 is reporting that Derrick Dockery has signed a deal with Buffalo. Hogs Haven links to ESPN for the details: 7 years 49 million dollars. I'm with Skin Patrol: I'll miss Derrick, but not to that tune.

Also, more unconfirmed scuttlebutt on Hogs Haven: London Fletcher-Baker is a Redskin. I have the obligatory puff piece ready to go, but I'm going to hold it for the WaPo or official site. Joe Gibbs at says 'no deals done yet.' Could be a late night. Guess I picked the wrong week to quit freebasing.

3:30pm ET Friday March 2 2007
Hogs Haven is reporting that OM of ExtremeSkins is calling Fred Smoot for the Redskins. Curly R has the obligatory puff piece on Smootie ready to go once the team or WaPo confirm it. Welcome back Smoooooooooooooot!

2:45pm ET Friday March 2 2007
Thanks to Skin Patrol's link over to Jason La Canfora's Redskins Insider blog post on offensive lineman Leonard Davis possibly visiting the Redskins, I culled this little tidbit:

Also, Ladell Betts said he has been told nothing about being dealt, but realizes some rumors persist. Said he speaks to his agents daily and they have never mentioned anything, but I also hear that the jets and Broncos have some serious interest in him.
My position on Ladell is known. I think he's a great player and he can correct the fumbling problem, just like Tiki Barber (Wahoowa!) did. But he has the friendly cap number and is proven as the feature back. That Denver is interested intrigues me in the first place because the Broncos are the NFL's running back mill and also because they let Tatum Bell go after backup Damien Nash died tragically last week. I think this is a ploy to get Dre Bly to the Redskins while getting a starting quality running back and a whole bunch more. The Broncos have repeatedly traded their broccoli for Dan Snyder's cookies and they may be getting ready to do it again.

12 noon ET Friday March 2 2007

All of Redskinsland is watching today, and this is an appetizer thread to whet your appetite while we wait for the big score(s). Here's what I've got from so far today:

Fullback Mike Sellers and offensive guard Randy Thomas were given extensions. This is great news, these are two guys the Redskins need to keep around. No financial details released yet, so I reserve the right to temper my enthusiasm.

Safety Vernon Fox was re-signed to a longterm deal. A journeyman, Vernon came in and played well enough in the emerging wake of the Adam Archuleta fiasco, scoring a big interception against the Panthers just when the Redskins needed a big win and leading the team in tackles against the Rams. With Pierson Prioleau coming back from injury, Vernon, Reed Doughty and Sean Taylor all at safety, expect the team to play better next season. No financial details were released on Vernon's deal.

As expected, Jim Molinaro and Ryan Boschetti were not tendered offers and are unrestricted free agents. I expect both might be back.

Curly R will report as the day and weekend progresses.

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