Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Adult Supervision

Make a fucking decision or I'll do it

So Jim Fassel is the mystery guy and the fan reaction is so negative it makes it into the Washington Post sports page.

Looks like the Redskins were set to offer Jim the job. That Washington Post piece just linked was originally titled Redskins Expected to Name Fassel as New Coach, it comes up that way in this Google News search. I clicked through and now it it titled Redskins, Zorn Talk Offense. Here is a screengrab of that Google News page, click through to see full size.

Yesterday Jason La Canfora reported on Redskins Insider that it was starting to look like coach Jim Fassel with Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan as a possible defensive coordinator should Gregg Williams not be retained which he would not if he is not named head coach at this point.

Meantime the Redskins coaches and players down in Mobile Alabama for the Senior Bowl were caught off guard by the quote poorly worded unquote Redskins press release on that snake Vinny Cerrato's promotion, that little part about Vinny having roster control. Players and presumably staff and coaching from other NFL teams are having a good laugh at the Redskins right now and Jason even uses the words laughingstock of the team and meddlesome of Dan Snyder (op. cit.).

Then this afternoon Jason reports that Seahawks quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn is interviewing... for the offensive coordinator spot even though the team does not have a coach. This is reminiscent of what the Cowboys did last season, interviewing and hiring Jason Garrett before Wade Phillips.

Two hours later Jason reports that it's all but a done deal, head coach Jim Fassel, offensive coordinator Jim Zorn, defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, everyone is just working out details and compensation to the Ravens for Rex since this would be a lateral move. Jason must then have had clearance to go ahead post the Redskins Expected to Name Fassel Head Coach piece that will be in tomorrow's print edition (op. cit.).

Ninety minutes later Jason has his succession planning conspiracy in place: Rex comes from Baltimore unless they do not let him go in which case the Redskins go for Tennesse Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, the first to interview for the Redskins head coaching job, this assumes they have compensation worked out for him as well. In this scenario Gregg Williams leaves Washington in disgust and becomes the Titans defensive coordinator replacing the man that replaced him in Tennessee. The Titans then beat the shit out of the Redskins 44-0 the next time they play.

The latest thing up on Redskins Insider is Complications With Zorn, linking back to the print piece from tomorrow, which now has had its name changed to Redskins, Zorn Talk Offense (op. cit.).

Adding to the mayhem now ESPN is running a TV report, we'll read it in the morning I guess, that ESPN report linked here at Hogs Haven, that Jim Fassel was not offered the job.

At this point I have no speculation, was it a glitch with Zorn or Ryan, or Snyder and Cerrato responding to the negative fan reaction, for me personally Jim Fassel would not be a bad head coach, just not a great one.

Either way kids this is it, the big letdown. It's going to underwhelm because Dan Snyder played his cards three times and doubled down each time, Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier and Joe Gibbs and now the house is calling in the note. There will be no blockbuster coach and there might even be a trainwreck.

Start prepping your goodbye posts for Gregg Williams, Al Saunders and the Redskins Cast of Thousands Coaches.

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