Monday, January 28, 2008

On Gregg Williams for the Jaguars Job

Good luck Gregg, thanks for everything

With Gregg Williams in the running for the defensive coordinator position in Jacksonville, Chris aka River City Rage over at Big Cat Country, our 5 Questions partner for the 2006 Redskins game against the Jaguars, the thrilling 36-30 overtime victory at Redskins Stadium, the game Redskins blogfather Rich Tandler called one of the best if not the best game ever at Redskins Stadium, asked about Gregg and his time in Washington.

I have posted my thoughts on Gregg, his ups and downs and whether the Jacksonville job would be a good fit in a diary at Big Cat Country here, head over there and drop a comment with your thoughts on Gregg. It is known that I did not endorse Gregg for the head coach position in Washington but I sure as hell would never have wanted to see Dan Snyder hitch him to the back of his Maybach and drag him through the streets on his way out of town the way he did.

Jaguars rarrgh I swipe at you logo from here.


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I wonder if this guy haves a real chance of success or not...