Monday, October 25, 2010

Go Ahead, Hold Your Nose and...

Just wrong

...root for Dallas tonight. Ugh. Sorry.

The 1-4 Cowboys are on the brink of destruction for the season, as hard as this is we cannot let them go just yet. Tonight they play the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, a win by the Giants would give them sole possession of first place in the NFC Beast at 5-2 and with a 1-0 record in the Division.

A loss would drop New York into a tie with the 4-3 Redskins, which would then move into the Division lead by virtue of a 2-0 record against NFC Beast opponents.

I guess I am going to get some satisfaction tonight either way, seeing Dallas get blown out is always therapeutic, seven games into the season the Redskins are still looking good enough to contend for the Division and we need to begin aligning our rooting interests as such.

Tony Romo crying after his January 2007 playoff fail: Uncredited image from here.


DC Greg


Sorry, Ben, Can't do it.

Is hoping for a scoreless tie and widespread injury on both sides beyond the pale?



See what happens when a Skins' fan roots for Dal@$$ in any capacity? Poor's all your fault, Curly R!! LOL

DC Greg


I've known fellow Redskins fans who have bet money on Dallas and they end up in a position where they can't even enjoy a Cowboys loss.

Not me, brother. Not ever.

I was kidding about the injury thing, though. Always preferable to kick an opponent's ass when they're at full strength.

Ben Folsom


The best part about being a Redskins fan rooting for the Cowboys out of parochial interest is that either way you win.

Sure I wanted the Cowboys to win to slow down the Giants, once Tony went down and it became obvious Dallas was going to take an ass whooping my neighbors and I sat back and said, ok boys freshen up your drink, 2010 ends tonight in Dallas.