Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I only wish this was the photo of Ryan BLOWING UP Quintin Mikell

Tailback Clinton Portis seemed to get pretty banged up even as he went into the line again and again in Sunday's incredibly physical game against the Eagles, in the third quarter he went down and paused the game, after the game we learned he quote felt a pop unquote in his leg.

After two days of gradually building suspense (Monday / Tuesday / Tuesday) today we learned Clinton has a serious injury and will be out four to six weeks with a third degree groin separation. Ouch.

The groin is generally known as the collection of hip adductor muscles, as far as I have been able to discern the term quote adductor unquote means to draw to the center line, there are four muscles in the adductor group making up the groin, the adductor longus, adductor magnus, adductor brevis and adductor canal.

A third degree separation of the groin is characterized by one or more of the following: Severe tearing of the muscle fibers, severely stretched tendons and or possible separation of the groin muscle(s) from either or both their bones or other muscles via tendons.

Fucking piker, hey Clinton come back when you have a fifth degree separation (I kid).

Four weeks means Clinton will miss Green Bay, Indianapolis, at Chicago and at Detroit. Six weeks, add the bye week and Philadelphia. After that there still are seven games on the schedule.

Time to see if Ryan Torain can carry the load and what the depth behind Ryan really looks like. Personally I thought Ryan was the best back in camp not named Clinton Portis and I still have yet to hear a good explanation why Keiland Williams made the team over Ryan yet still wound up on the practice squad while Ryan came from the practice squad and now has a guy off the street backing him up.

Before the 2008 season Clinton got the cash over cap restructure the Vinny Cerrato Redskins were so famous for, this 2010 season is the last year of guaranteed money in Clinton's contract. Jason Reid at the Washington Post is already wondering whether Clinton is done in Washington.

It is like old times, Clinton Portis goes down and now we get to root for a big back wearing number 46. Let us hope Ryan has the same success in 2010 Ladell Betts had in 2006, just with fewer fumbles.

Welcome to your big moment Ryan Torain.

Ryan Torain bulling through the Eagles defense: AP photo from here.


Sports Scatter


Has anyone figured out why we released Ladell Betts from a long-term, low-salary contract?

Ben Folsom


Ladell was released in the Thursday Night Massacre, there was no explicit reason he was released, Ladell was a solid backup, more of a north south runner than Clinton, the big knock on Ladell was the fumbling, as his carries went in 2006 so did his fumbles per carry.

Still, Ryan Torain looks a lot like a younger Ladell, and we know Ryan is Shanny's guy.