Saturday, October 30, 2010

Which Five Games Was that Again?

That DeMarcus Ware?

Browsing the week's games with neighbors last night I came across the NFL preview for the Jacksonville at Dallas game, check that last section, the Did you know:

...Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware has a touchdown in five consecutive games.

Say what? He has who what? A touchdown. In five consecutive games.

We decided to try and proof this postulation and were unable to. Here is what we did find:

* DeMarcus Ware has two touchdowns... in his career, both coming in 2006, one on an interception return and one on a fumble recovery and return. It is not consecutive games with a sack either, DeMarcus has eight for the season and has scored one in five of six games, but not five in a row.

* No Cowboy has scored in five consecutive games this season, receiver Dez Bryant has three receiving touchdowns and two punt return scores, though they are not over a five game consecutive streak.

* Tony Romo has thrown a touchdown in five consecutive games, though his streak this year was actually six games.

So what the hell is this all about? If it is a typographical error it is pretty epic, I think Cowboys fans are so down that the league wants to cheer them up with some happy talk and being the simple lot they are, the league knows they will not go and check facts.

Image screencapped from the NFL Game Center preview here, for reasons I do not understand the posted previews on all the major sites, including NFL, ESPN, CBS Sports, etc., all disappear at kickoff.