Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday Wildcard Playoffs Open Thread

The good, the ugly and the bad

The playoffs are here kids, we got an afternoon tilt and an evening affair, pour a drink(s) and let's watch some football.

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks, 4:30 pm ET, NBC

Consensus point spread: Seahawks plus ten
Curly R spread pick: Seahawks
Curly R straight up pick: Saints

The defending Super Bowl champion Saints must travel to play the first ever 7-9 playoff team, the Seahawks who are in head coach Jim Pete Carroll's first year, boy that guy hightailed it out of Southern Cal while the getting was good didn't he? For those butthurt football elitists that are arguing the playoff team with the better record should always host the game, stop and use your idiot brain, the current system IS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO REWARD TEAMS FOR WINNING THE DIVISION. If you want to see the quote better unquote team host the game, then just do away with Divisions and let the teams all just compete as a Conference.

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts, 8:00 pm ET, NBC

Consensus point spread: Colts minus 2.5
Curly R spread pick: Colts
Curly R straight up pick: Colts

I have seen the magical Peyton Manning this season, as in the game he played against the Redskins, and I have seen the human Peyton, as in the game he played against the Eagles. I think we will see the magical Peyton tomorrow. I love New York coach Rex Ryan's enthusiasm and bravado and how he seems to capture the essence of the Jets, meaning when he finally leaves town it will be in disgrace.

This is a playoff gameday open thread.

Composite image by me, NFL logos from here.