Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Division Playoffs Open Thread

Wouldn't it be hilarious if...

Two more football games today, in the traditional playoff timeslots, another great day of NFL playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears, 1:00 pm ET, FOX

Consensus point spread: Bears minus ten
Curly R spread pick: Seahawks
Curly R straight up pick: Bears

The Bears have really come together as a team since the bad old days when the Redskins beat them on four DeAngelo Hall interceptions of Jay Cutler, in fact since that October game leading into the Chicago bye, the Bears only lost twice, once to the unstoppable Patriots and in the season closer against the Packers when Chicago's playoff seed was set and the team had nothing to play for. As for Seattle, the story comes down to this: All the football trolls of the world like me are desperately hoping to see a 9-9 team host the NFC Championship just to piss off those butthurt over a losing team getting into the playoffs.

New York Jets at New England Patriots, 4:30 pm ET, CBS

Consensus point spread: Patriots minus 9.5
Curly R spread pick: Patriots
Curly R straight up pick: Patriots

This is the heavyweight match of the weekend, and another Divisional playoff rubber match to boot. Jets players have been running their mouths, emulating head coach Rex Ryan, make no mistake I love the Jets' devil may care attitude when it comes to giving bulletin board material to the other team, the game would be much more enjoyable for fans if the players would talk a little more trash. The problem with this strategy is the Patriots are assassins and assassins cannot be reasoned with, cannot be intimidated and take no prisoners. I expect this game to look more like the Patriots 45-3 blowout from December than the Jets 28-14 September win.

This is a playoff gameday open thread.

Composite image by me, NFL logos from here.