Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Shit Bummer for Dan Snyder

Family fun Grab a Bucket and Start Bailing Day specials!

Disclaimer: The floods in north Georgia are devastating, 22 inches of rain in just a a few days, the 100 year flood plain submerged, nine people, including a two year old swept away by the waters, killed, at least three horses dead, 20 bridges damaged, 250 million dollars in property damage, and to top it all, most damaged structures are not or cannot be covered by flood insurance. It is a tragedy all the more ironic following epic and years long drought conditions in the south. Affected homeowners facing the stink and sludge of receding floodwaters are only now beginning to face the serious challenges of putting their lives back together.


And what a bummer for Dan Snyder as Six Flags Georgia is underwater. The high summer season is over but the park is to remain open weekends through at least October, park management is determined to open this weekend if at all possible, a decision I would question on safety and labor availability just by looking at the photo above or the ones in the previous link, which also managed to get in a reference to Six Flags' June bankruptcy filing. Cue the lawyers.

The bad news just keeps on coming for everyone's favorite NFL owner.

Six Flags Georgia underwater: Reuters picture from here.