Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scheduled for Execution

Death by red zone starvation

A quickie for you on this Wednesday.

Redskins against the Rams:
Sixty-nine plays, twenty-one for first downs. Seven for fifteen yards or more. Twelve plays inside the St. Louis ten yard line. Those are good football statistics.

Zero touchdowns. Not a good football statistic.

Redskins under head coach Jim Zorn:
Eighteen games. Nine and nine record. Sixteen point zero average points scored, dropping to 12.4 since the six and two start to 2008. Three times the Redskins have scored three or more touchdowns.

But not yet against an NFC Beast division rival in seven tries, and ten times the Redskins have scored one or zero touchdowns. Against those division rivals the Redskins have averaged 14.2 points and cracked 20 points only twice, both of which were in the glorious 6-2 start to 2008, a run that seems so long ago.

Against the Lions last season, the Redskins scored one touchdown and four field goals on offense and one touchdown on a punt return.

Coach Zorn thinks it is a matter of execution in the red zone. Quarterback Jason Campbell thinks it is a red zone scoring mentality (both from here).

The rest of us worry about playcalling, route running, pass catching and run blocking. That's a biiiig matzoh ball.

Jim Zorn: AP photo from here.