Friday, September 25, 2009


At my er, fingertips

Curly R is now a Mac operation, the fifteen inch Macbook Pro is the first new computer I have had in nine years, all previous computers have been chop shopped PCs, I had a string of failures and just decided to make the jump. So far so good, I am a little intimidated by this new system, there are elements that are fundamentally different than Windows, a system I have been using professionally since at least 1995.

Now that I have a high horsepower system I can finally surrender the 16 hours of football on our DVR back to the wife, I had five games from 2008 still recorded, they are games I attended or was otherwise unable to watch fully on TV, the gamewraps for those games are at best devoid of detail and at worst simply a takeaway drill and nothing else.

All offseason I planned to go back and watch these games objectively to fill out the season gamewrap collection, Curly R is nothing if not a completist endeavor, and I shall yet get to these games.

Only now I will be watching them on NFL Game Rewind, the NFL's streaming service for archived games from 2008 and 2009. All 2008 games are available and 2009 games are available within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game.

This works for people like me, since I will goddamn sure be in front of a TV for a game to watch live, or else I will not and if I am not there it is better than fifty percent chance by the time I get in front of my DVR I will be in no shape to watch and comment for the gamewrap.

Now I can watch the games in great looking high definition on my computer screen any time. And I intend to do so, starting with the second half of the Rams game, which I did watch but not critically as I chased my two year old around the house, trying to get him to sit still so I could explain zone blocking.

If you are a Mac user, or an NFL Game Rewind subscriber, I would like to hear from you, also if you are an overseas reader and subscribe to NFL Game Pass to watch games live over the internets I would like to hear about that experience as well.

Hopefully the NFL will gradually add previous seasons as well.

NFL Game Rewind screencap off my brand spanking new Mac.