Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Mover Advantage

Some exclusions apply

Via the great @FakeDanSnyder Twitter feed through Oliver Willis, I have seen the future of Redskins fandom, and it is this: selling your allegiance to another team on eBay:

After years of constantly being subjected to disappointment, bad decisions, bad draft picks,bad contracts, overpriced tickets and overall Mediocrity, I am deciding to sell my loyalty to the Washington Redskins for the rest of the 2009- 2010 NFL season. I will sell my "fan-ship" and support any of 30 teams.. Notice, I didn't say 31, because, I under no circumstances will I EVER root for the Dallas Cowboys.The Winning Bidder will get my undivided, unwavering support for their team for the rest of the season. SInce I have the Direct TV NFL Superfan Package, I will watch my new team's games and will cheer wholeheartedly for victory on sundays, even if it mean against my beloved redskins.. I will also support by purchasing the teams merchandise, including, but not limited to Jerseys, hats, flags and other team apparel. I will take pictures of myself in my new teams gear and send them to the winning big. Happy Bidding and good luck

I can forgive the poor grammar and spelling, this guy is obviously fed up, we will see more of these stories as we go along this year.

In the first place there is no Redskins fan that will argue with this decision. It is not like we are in Philadelphia where if a fan made public his desire to pick another team the other Eagles fans would rip him apart and shit in his skull. Or in Oakland where the other Raider fans would simply shrug and pass the crack pipe.

Eagles fans would take him but never really accept him, like a cold war Soviet turncoat. In their near autism Giants fans would not notice, on gameday Giants Stadium is seventy thousand individuals mostly unaware of the presence of others. Cowboys fans would take him because there is no lower bar among fan hordes.

So who should he wind up with?

Uncredited image from here.