Thursday, August 12, 2010

Andy Reid Banning Fan Attire = An Eagles Team with Issues


Thanks to lifetime Eagles fan, season ticket holder and Curly R reader/lurker Wilbert Montgomery for the tip on this one, yesterday's Eagles training camp morning practice at Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pennsylvania was open to the public, an Eagles fan by the name of Jim Devlin showed up wearing a number five Donovan McNabb jersey which would normally not be a big deal for the Eagles and their fans.

Except this guy was wearing a number five Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey. And team security confronted Jim and told him to take it off. Why?

Because Eagles head coach Andy Reid told them to.

Optically this looks really bad, I cannot believe a guy as cool and collected as Andy over the past decade lost his shit over seeing either a piece of Donovan McNabb paraphernalia, or a piece of Redskins paraphernalia. Dono was a stalwart on that team for eleven years, coach Reid and Dono were joined at the hip and with one of the safest home fields in the league, Andy and the team never had a problem with gear from other teams, I can tell you from experience that fans take care of that problem.

They did not, they let Jim hang out in his burgundy and gold and white for the exact reason you think they would: they still love Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia.

Andy Reid getting all Dan Snyder about what you can and cannot wear at an Eagles practice tells me that Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb have had more of a falling out that we have heard about and that relationship is done.

Or that coach Reid is nervous about how his team is going to do this season, that he knows Kevin Kolb is no Donovan McNabb and that as insurance against team failure in 2010, Andy needs to do his level best to destroy the memory of Donovan McNabb.

I will be wearing my number five McNabb Redskins jersey on 3 October 2010 when Wilbert Montgomery and I travel to Eagles Stadium to see Washington and Philadelphia play, it will be our 22nd of the past 23 Eagles-Redskins games, and my 20th straight in any stadium. Now I not only need to wonder if I am going to get the shit beat out of me, I also need to worry about security asking me to take it off.

Poorly played coach Reid.

Jim Devlin being accosted by Eagles security over his Donovan McNabb jersey: Uncredited image from here via here.


Wilbert Montgomery


So, as it turns out, this dude was in a VIP area that gives him access to some of the areas where the players are hanging-out. That provides at least a little bit of context. I think you can rest assured that if you show-up at camp in a red and black... errr... burgundy and gold number 5 jersey and hang out in the GA section, you will still only get beaten-up by other fans. Just a guess. We could certainly test that - Ben?