Friday, August 27, 2010

Preseason Game 3: Redskins (1-1) at Jets (1-1)


Out of the Box: Time to play the geography game as the Redskins of Maryland leave Virginia to play the Jets of New Jersey at a new stadium with an old name, backups front and center at 7:00 pm on local media.


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The Story So Far: After a disappointing preseason game two loss at home to the Ravens last Saturday, the Redskins were left with a string of injuries and questions about roster depth and execution. On the injury side, Kareem Moore, a training camp star and replacement for LaRon Landry at the free safety spot, fullback Mike Sellers, rookie left tackle Trent Williams and quarterback Donovan McNabb all were hurt to some degree.

On the bright side though the starting defense played well against a Baltimore offense that is expected to be very good this season, is it true what they say that defenses come together faster than offenses?

And that was not even the whole story, after the game defensive nose end Albert Haynesworth dumped on the team like a little whiny ass titty baby, Albert really is one of those people whose problems become your problems. By Monday we had learned that Albert had a condition more complicated than simple dehydration, he had a condition called rhabdomyolysis that brought on by reporting to NFL training camp FUCKING OUT OF SHAPE. By Tuesday everyone was singing from the time to move on hymnal. Many fans feel that way as well while others really would like to see the team stick it to Albert. It is funny how easily these millionaires in burgundy and gold forget that our lives, and by that I do not just mean the lives of pajama wearing parents' basement dwelling loser bloggers like myself, I mean the lives of Redskins fans everywhere, are wrapped up in theirs. I wonder if mishandling the Albert Haynesworth situation is what got Redskins public relations director Zack Bolno fired.

How are things shaping up as you see them? Do you realistically think the team has a chance to be better than 8-8? How about better than 4-12?


Curly R Aside: Is the Washington Post, my hometown newspaper and the journal of record for the Washington Redskins, going to the extreme in trying to find ways to generate more content for less money? First there was the Fan Blog, the big idea that the Post could get a crew of DC regional sports fans to run a separate blog within the network of in house blogs at the Post. These bloggers would have a publishing schedule, their work would be moderated by the Post and they would receive no compensation, in fact the paper was explicit that being associated with the Washington Post name alone should be enough for you.

After I ran my thoughts on it I got an email from a good friend who runs a political blog, he told me the Post approached him recently, as well as a blogger he knows on the other end of the spectrum, and asked both if they would like to join the Post network as an unpaid affiliate. Both have spent years building a brand and doing things their way and they both said no.

End times are here for the profession of professional journalisming, it is cannibalizing itself.


Oppo Research: The Jets look to be a great team this year if they can ever get their center Nick Mangold and their shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis signed. Check out double boomerang Jet receiver Laveranues Coles' bitch slap of Redskins owner Dan Snyder, talk about burning your bridges.


Trainer's Table: As indicated above, there were a number of injuries in last week's game that have hung over until this week with the worst being to Donovan McNabb's ankle, he did not practice at all this week, was declared out of tonight's game on Tuesday with coach Shanahan indicating that the sprain is bad enough that Dono would be out this week if it were the regular season (op. cit.). On Wednesday coach Shanahan basically ruled Dono out for both the final two preseason games as a precaution. Dono does not like this (op. cit.).

In terms of severity, free safety Kareem Moore's injury is the worst, a sprain of the medial collateral ligament, he could be out six weeks from injury, that would put him missing somewhere near a month of the regular season, old friends Chris Horton and Reed Doughty will compete for that spot now that LaRon Landry has moved back to the strong safety spot, a better spot for him. The team also signed former Steeler safety Tyrone Carter, perhaps in recognition that both Reed and Chris are better at the strong safety spot.

Rookie left tackle Trent Williams appears to have healed from the elbow bruise he got in the Ravens game, Trent was seen on the sidelines wearing a sling in the second half of that game.

As insurance against severity of leg injury to fullback Mike Sellers who was rolled up in the pile in the second quarter of that same game, the team signed another former Steeler, this one fullback Cary Davis who blocked for Willie Parker in Super Bowl 43.

Still nothing from receiver Malcolm Kelly, he did not even make the trip. Next stop cutsville for Malcolm.


Gameplan: Preseason game three is traditionally the time when starters play into the third quarter as the quote dress rehearsal unquote for the regular season, funny thing is that the understudies will be front and center for it. With not Donovan McNabb at quarterback and not Clinton Portis at tailback we could be seeing the Redskins starting lineup in midseason form.

Willie Parker gets his crack as ball carrier, I have no idea what to expect, I would also expect that receivers the team wants on the roster will get the most playing time and those that are destined for cuts will be sitting.


My Take in 60 Words or Less: Hold on, no more injuries, if you are safely on the 2010 roster then remember it is fucking preseason. If you are on or outside the bubble, play your ass off, that's burgundy and gold you are wearing.


Broadcast coverage, once again I think the best way to watch this game is on Comcast SportsNet high definition if you are in the Washington DC area.

Enjoy the game, Friday Night Movie Night with the kiddos takes precedence over preseason football, tonight we are watching the 1981 classic Clash of the Titans, I will be watching this game on DVR delay starting around 9:00 pm and probably finish up the evening with a bourbon and some ShedTV.

This is a gameday open thread.

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