Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blogger Deathsport: Week Seventeen Results

I am the winner of 2007 Blogger Deathsport

Blogger Deathsport: NFL Pick'em wraps for week seventeen and its inaugural season. Your final week's results:

1. TexSkins with 11 wins, 5 losses and 1 push. Finishing strong.

2. Curly R at 10-5-1. Had my eye on the title the whole time.

3. CommonPrejudice at 7-8-1. When third is last.

T-5. Post Game Heroes at 0-0-0. Most disappointing.

T-5. Skin Patrol at 0-0-0. What with the after Christmas sales it was hectic that week.

Brag post summary: TexSkins now has three brag posts in reserve, Curly R and Post Game Heroes each has two brag posts in reserve. Brag post credits never expire.

Final season records, seventeen weeks:

1. (1) Curly R: 139-105-12 or 57.0% with three weekly wins.
2. (2) Post Game Heroes: 123-106-11 or 53.7% with four weekly wins.
3. (3) TexSkins: 121-116-12 or 51.0% with three weekly wins.
4. (4) Skin Patrol: 91-110-9 or 45.3% with no weekly wins. Again that's no weekly wins.
5. (5) CommonPrejudice: 110-134-12 or 45.0% with one weekly win.

Pushes are excluded from percentage as they can neither be won nor lost, thanks to my colleagues Skin Patrol, Dagger, TexSkins and Brian for playing along. Next season we will be expanding Blogger Deathsport to include more fellow bloggers.

The inaugural season of Blogger Deathsport may be over, detailed season breakdowns to follow, I guarantee I'll find a way to remind Skin Patrol that he could not pull off a win in seventeen tries.

Bragging rights from here.