Thursday, October 05, 2006

NFC Beast Notes, 10/5/2006

had a bye this week, play at home against Redskins Sunday. Jeremey Shockey not getting benched, which might annoy Plaxico Burress. Carlos Emmons is out for the Redskins game, replacement is a rookie. They lost looking bad (TimesSelect) against the Seahawks; are combined 3-14 after the bye; have given up 11 touchdowns and surrendered 9 sacks. NYT:

Most of the time, Tom Coughlin seems eerily disjointed, with a weird glint in his eye, when he dispenses normal football clich├ęs.

Redskins lost 36-0 at Giants Stadium last season. LaVar Watch: he's really really really psyched about playing this game. May wheeze. Does not appear by name in my 5 Questions trade with James at NFL-Giants (Fridays, 9am on Curly R).

get ready for a home game against Dallas. McNabb says it's not about him and Owens, proceeds to talk mostly about him and Owens. Eagles have lost seven NFC East games in a row. Reader will recall this includes 0-6 in the NFC East last season. Beat the crap out of the Giants for three quarters, still gave it up. Marginal first half effort against a Packers team so bad they fired a former first round pick after the game.

Catalyst RB Brian Westbrook's injury looks worse and worse. Les Bowen at the Philadelphia Daily New says it's just a matter of time until he has to have some form of surgery. Could keep him out 2 weeks, could be the rest of the season. Buckhalter fumbled it inside the 5 on Monday Night, and he's the go-to now. That Duckett thing is looking a little smarter now (Die, Eagles Die, on the road to crushing de-feat). Could have had Stephen Davis too. We'll be following this story closely as we approach the November 12 game at Redskins Stadium.

prep to play at Philadelphia Sunday. It's all TO all the time. Andre Gurode is back in practice, only with 30 stitches on his head. (ed. note: the Titans will be without Albert Haynesworth when the Redskins play the Titan at Redskins Stadium on October 15)

If the Eagles team from Monday Night's game shows up, Dallas might win this one. For the Redskins to stay on the lead lap, the Eagles and Giants must lose this weekend. Both are home teams. This is a tall order.