Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Curly R Christmas Story

The Season of Miracles

You may know back on November 12, I went to the Eagles-Redskins game with lifetime Eagles fan Wilbert Montgomery, and that I was accosted and my Redskins hat (below, right) of 12 years was stolen from my head by a drunken Eagles fan. Hate the sin not the sinner, so I was just irritated at having to go into the game with hathead.

Sunday, Brandon gave me a hat sufficiently approximate to the one I lost that day that I consider it miraculous, or at least worthy of a pithy comment. As he acquired it at no charge at an industry event, the heavens parted and a beam of light shone upon it. This hat was destined to be Ben's.

Thank you Brandon, for restoring my faith in the principle of Even Steven.