Thursday, October 01, 2009

WTF Albert

Yeah you should hide your head

It is a bad week for an unforced error from a Redskins player, the fans and media need no additional reasons to be unhappy. Albert Haynesworth has just stepped in it, big time.

Albert, prized free agent acquisition defensive tackle, has not spoken on the record to local media since the aftermath of game one of this season against the Giants. No real explanation, presumably it is because local media asked questions about being winded and about his realizing Redskins fans you know, really want to know shit.

So I can kind of get behind the idea that you just want to let your play do the talking, Albert will pocket thirty two million dollars in the first thirteen months of this contract, that works out to about 2.5 million dollars a month and Albert has no obvious entourage, hangers on or siblings in need of jobs so he has no obvious motivation to maintain a high public profile.

Consistency of course would be appreciated in prosecution of this policy.

Today Jason Reid at the Washington Post and Ryan O'Halloran at the Washington Times reported that Albert spoke with Tampa area media but did not speak with Washington area media.

It gives them time to think... of stories to write... about players disrespecting fans in a time when the team really needs all the fans it can hang on to.

It is one thing to keep your mouth shut and let your play do the talking, it is another to shut out the reporters and journalists whose job it is to write about the Redskins. Because when you give an interview with the media you are not really talking to the media you are talking to the people that read the paper. The people that read the paper come to expect that paper's journalist's will inquire, if they do not like the avenues of inquiry they will respond by ceasing to read the paper.

There are a lot of people that respect the lines of inquiry in the area of the Redskins by the Washington Post and Washington Times. A lot of them. And to all of them Albert just said I do not give a shit about what you wants to know.

Maybe I misunderstand what is happening here, if so please someone help me out because otherwise...

What a dumbass.

Albert Haynesworth leaving the field on a cart in Detroit: Getty Images from here.