Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday DeAngelo Hall

If you want an interception, ask this guy

Please join me and the entire staff of The Curly R in wishing Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall a happy birthday, DeAngelo turns 26 today.

DeAngelo made his way to the Redskins circuitously, a midseason signing last year who made his mark immediately with an interception against Dallas in a close game ten loss, after a terrific half season the Redskins elected to keep DeAngelo, signing him this offseason to a six year, 55 million dollar contract, DeAngelo immediately moved into the principal cornerback position replacing five year Redskin Shawn Springs.

This season DeAngelo has four of the team's five interceptions, including a two pick performance against Denver this past week. Whatever we as fans may think about this year's team, DeAngelo has been a big part of a defensive unit this is currently ranked number one in passing defense, allowing a meager 162 yards passing per game. Times may be tough, there is plenty of cause for hope on this team.

Happy birthday DeAngelo!

DeAngelo Hall: Getty Images from here.