Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rich Tandler @ CSN: How Deep Is Washington's Bag of Tricks?

Read me? Read him.

Our own Rich Tandler, dean of Redskins writers, editor of the indispensible Real Redskins blog and the most knowledgeable Redskins fan I know signed on with Comcast SportsNet last week as a writer and beat reporter covering Redskins Park, this is huge news for him, for CSN and for Redskins fans, please join me in welcoming Rich as a card carrying member of the liberal media establishment.

Curly R will be pimping out Rich's work at CSN, over on that side of the fence they care about things like pageviews so do the right thing, click over and give it a read and help me ensure there is ample audience for his work.

In his first piece, from Monday, Rich lists some changeups the Redskins should consider on the long road to the end of this season. Go read it.

Congratulations Rich.

Rich Tandler from here.