Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Football Thread


Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from The Curly R, this year we are in Dumfries Virginia at the home of the original Redskins fan named Ben Folsom, also in attendance is brother Seth the author and my nieces, it's a Thanksgiving Day bash and now on to the day's timeline:

0015: Decide further bourbons in Tony Almeida's garage not a good idea, stagger home, gnosh crackers and hummus, hit the sack.

0800: Kids up, wife offers option to sleep in or go and do the Turkey Baster Trot or some other thing with people, she seems unsurprised when I choose to stay and sleep.

0900: Get out of bed, coffee, shower, clean up, prep for Thanksgiving at folks.

1230: Arrive Dumfries Folsoms, the football game has an Abba soundtrack today.

1300: First whiskey, a Wild Turkey Rare Breed, two fingers, one cube.

1320: Observe in the Packers at Lions game that quarterback Matthew Stafford is pretty good, definitely better than his receivers.

1340: Publish Curly R obituary on Bullets slash Wizards owner Abe Pollin, outsourced entirely to this excellent piece by 3rd Stone from the Sun.

1345: Prepare for turkey feast, wish for better understanding in the world.

1500: Stuffed. Beyond. Belief.

1530: Help two year old niece get head unstuck from stair banister. She will probably grow up to be our Nobel Laureate.

1615: Family Photo Fun, 2009 edition. I promise this will get more exciting later tonight. I have no idea at this point what is happening in the world of NFL.

1745: Depart Dumfries for Alexandria, we will be reconvening on the street there for the NFL Network game.

1920: All three kids in bed, watching end of Raiders at Cowboys. I hate the Cowboys.

1940: CBS postgame, I think the guys on this studio show are mostly doofuses, Shannon Sharpe, Dan Marino, Phil Simms, James Brown. Maybe I am just too hardcore for this silly studio pap. Over to NFL Network.

1950: NFL Network pregame, Deion Sanders makes me want to throw things at my TV, he is one reason I never watch NFL Network unless they are showing a game. Just sayin.

2003: Deion Sanders is a total idiot.

2015: I invited the neighbs to come over and watch the game and the ones that do not get NFL Network may yet be here, the wife is food-sleeping on my right and so far the evening outlook is all football and all blogging. Broncos game nine gamewrap finally complete and annotated.

2020: Kickoff and I get to do something I rarely get to do, watch a full football game uninterrupted, I have had two big waters, I think it is time to go back in for a bourbon.

2045: First neighbor arrives for football, packing a pitcher of Manhattans, if other neighbs do not show he and I are going to be loopy.

2215: Second and third neighbors arrive, exchange Thanksgiving stories and try again to explain to neighbor exactly what about Dan Snyder makes him a bad owner.

1230: Final neighbor leaves, go munch leftovers, drink lots of water, climb into bed, a good Thanksgiving.

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Wild turkeys from here via here.