Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rich Tandler @ CSN: On the Offensive Line and the Appearance of Normalty in Ashburn

Your reading assignment for today

Rich Tandler's latest two pieces are up at Comcast SportsNet, in Thursday's piece Rich compares and contrasts the quote talented unquote versus quote rag tag unquote offensive line. Great now Stephon Heyer is hurt which is a little like the disappointment you feel when those khakis that you love but are way too tight are not clean for the party, everyone can see they are not a good fit.

This morning Rich posted up how inside the locker room Redskins Park everything seems so calm and serene, players enjoying a fall day and making dates to go scrapbooking, while outside the storm still rages.

Go forth and get educated and enjoy your Saturday.

Rich Tandler from here.