Monday, July 21, 2008

F**k It We'll Do It Live

Flipping the switch on 2008 season coverage

Update: Lee from The Redskin Report has also asked for feed updates, readers also help get content to people working behind firewalls. Drop me a comment with other recommendations and such, I'm a fan of Google Reader but I know there are others out there.

For some time now I have gotten my critical Redskins news via Google Reader, I went back last night nad updated all my feeds, this way it all comes to me. I highly recommend Google Reader.

Some notable bugaboos though:

David and Ryan at the Washington Times, the Redskins 360 blog does not have a feed I can grab. You should get one. Ever since the WashTimes website redo I have been reading it more regularly.

Mark at DC Examiner, when I try and grab the DC Redskins Examiner blog it gives me some funky YouTube link that is not you. Petition your overlords for a working feed.

SportzAssassin, Michael David Smith et al, there is no grabbable feed for Redskins AOL Fanhouse.

Electrical switch from here.