Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Redskins Training Camp Day Five - Moon Over My Hammy

All your hamstring are belong to us

Thursday 24 July 2008

WaPo training camp tracker: rookie defensive end Rob Jackson, Jim Zorn makes players perform feats of coordination against type to earn early quitting time, Jim Zorn may be the Redskins' fourth QB this year.

In the morning practice rookie receiver Devin Thomas, the Redskins top pick, strained his hamstring and was carted off the field. Devin may be out 10-14 days and will likely miss the first two preseason games, it was Jason Campbell's fault for leading Devin on a long pass pattern, see if everyone listened to me and we got Brett Favre this never would have happened thanks a lot Jason.

In safety city, Shawn Springs got in some reps at safety in the morning practice. LaRon Landry and rookie Kareem Moore did not play in the morning, LaRon as a precaution with a left hammy (op. cit.) and Kareem with a lingering knee, as it happens the Redskins knew Kareem had had recent knee surgery and were happy he was still around in the sixth round. He should be fine by the season open. I hope the injury the Redskins knew about when they drafted Kareem does not hurt Kareem's chances of making the team.

In the quaint hamlet of offensive line, again with Casey Rabach aka Casey Nutsach and the scrotum.

In coach county Jim Zorn brought out the pad throwing drill (op. cit.). Apparently Jason Campbell likes to punish the other QBs, and I'll be since as the starter he is always getting pummeled. And that playbook still ain't gone be no 700 pages.

In linebacker town HB Blades is taking snaps as middle linebacker London Fletcher's backup (ibid.). This is good news bad news for HB, as the middle linebacker he is positioned for a leadership role on the defense, as London's backup statistically he will not get much chance to be on the field during games. Last season HB started as London's backup, did not get much time and then played a good amount of weakside linebacker after Rocky McIntosh went down.

In quarterback ville Todd Collins had what Jason LaCa called quote another unquote rough practice with some wild throws (ibid.). With Colt Brennan the young gun and Derek Devine the coach's pet I wonder if Todd's position is safe. They paid him a bunch of money for a three season extension, if the team was to cut Todd is would cost them in the neighborhood of three million in dead cap money, money they could not use to sign any other player. Speaking of Colt Brennan, he can fake play the ukulele.

In punter palisades there still is really no battle between Derrick Frost and Durant Brooks (ibid.). Poor Derrick must be going insane.

In fullback village, Mike Sellers and Indiana Jones have something in common.

On the special teams ranch from the official site via Hogs Haven, special teams coach expects the Redskins will use the same returns players, Rock Cartwright for kickoffs and Antwaan Randle El for punts. I expect some changes here frankly. Last season the the Redskins were 8th in kickoff returns and 26th in punt returns, both by average return. With all the new blood I think we will see some new faces returning kicks as the season wears on.

Ron Burgundy is there.

Greg at Hog Heaven lists his five most critical Redskins players for the upcoming season. Hard to winnow it down to five though I cannot his selections and rationales. Later the same day, Tony Brown notes Joe Theismann said... never mind I'm tired of Joey T.

Lee at The Redskin Report has a good piece on comparisons to the Jason Taylor deal, he believes it will be a net plus for the Redskins, though only incrementally, not world changing.

From DC Sports Bog, Clinton Portis is part of the Chris Cooley brigade, you know that new meme that says hey I'm a guy just like you I just make a lot of money. I hurt too. Yes Clinton and Chris we all have troubles and we all look at the difficult things in life as difficult regardless of how they may look to others. We don't want to hear how we are just alike. Let's just keep it separate, you play football and I'll watch mkay? In other Sports Bog news, Jim Zorn truly is a renaissance man. Redskins hats.

Rich Tandler is getting concerned about James Thrash making the roster. If he does, that means Anthony Mix is odd man out.

This is a pretty cool widget. I might try it out. I also keep getting emails from a company that wants me to try out a mapping widget that tracks NFL games. I don't know how I feel about mucking up this site with additional stuff. I am thinking about commissioning a new logo though. Reader comments welcome.

Devin Thomas: Susan Walsh / AP from here.