Thursday, July 31, 2008

Redskins Training Camp Day Six - Gratuitous Colt Brennan Reference

The present and future?

Friday 25 July 2008

WaPo training camp tracker: undrafted rookie DE JT Mapu, Jim Zorn's latest oddball exercise, the bag drill

More not good news just flowing in on the rookie receivers. Both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly have hamstring pulls and will not be in the intrasquad scrimmage tomorrow. The Redskins are nursing a number of training camp injuries, I wonder how many of these are serious and how many are not serious and the team simply does not want to risk it. Last season the Redskins had an epidemic of hamstring and to a lesser extent groin problems, the team opened training camp earlier than most other teams and it's damn hot out there.

The morning practice was spent in short yardage and with significant player on player contact. Bring on the hitting. Ladell Betts took a big hit but walked it off. There were some other collisions, every one was fine. Rich Tandler liveblogged it here, here, here and here. And after he got home he wrote about how great Jason Campbell looks.

Jason La Canfora at the WaPo reports that the NFL rules committee has finalized and put into effect some new rules for the 2008 season: one defensive player can wear a wire like the QB (that will be linebacker London Fletcher), players cannot be forced out now and still have a pass ruled complete, they must get relevant body parts in bounds. It is also of note that Chris Samuels and LaRon Landry made the league generated tape of penalty no nos distributed to all teams.

In tailback grove, the Redskins will be more of a zone blocking team at the line in the running game (op. cit.). In this type of blocking offensive linemen have an area for which they are responsible for blocking and the ball carrier can hit more than one possible hole, depending on what the defense gives. Offensive coordinator Sherman Smith is committed to it and running backs coach Stump Mitchell can teach this new technique to the Redskins backs. Funny this all doesn't sound very much like we will have the same power running schemes as last year. Oh well maybe it's just me.

In safety city Reed Doughty has serious hearing loss, serious enough that he uses two hearing aids when not playing (he or they could get hurt or damaged in play). Although Reed's hearing problem has gotten worse in the past year the fact remains that the Redskins did not know even of the extent of Reed's hearing loss back in 2006 when he was drafted. That tends to indicate it was a condition that he hid from NFL scouts.

On the special teams ranch defensive linemen Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston fielded punts in the afternoon special teams practice. Why, I think we will never know.

Ron Burgundy is there.

Matt Terl at The ORB (The Official Redskins Blog) got an exclusive with Sports Illustrated Peter King. Great get Matt, I still think Peter is a douche bag for cockblocking Art Monk for so long. Peter did say Jason Campbell had a great practice which is a little like saying SI's last issue had that one good page.

Dan Dan the Sports Bog man has a Moby Dickish obsession with the NFL's and the Redskins' total ban on video to the extent that he went to Chris Cooley's mom's house to get him in a video interview. Awsum get Dan, I guess. And Fred Smoot is as loquacious as ever. Dan also reports that the previous week's top ten WaPo sports stories were all Redskins stories. Fucking duh.

Chris Cooley (yes he's down here with the writers and not up in tight end township) gives fans planning on attending tomorrow's Fan Appreciation Day ten tips on getting autographs. Surprisingly asking Chris about getting a Redskins Cheerleader fired from a premiere dance gig and then dumping her or openly speculating on the scale of his alcohol habit are not among them.

Colt Brennan has such a dedicated following that Tony Brown at Hog Heaven just puts Colt's name in blog posts to draw traffic. That's a cheap way to get hits Tony, and I want Curly R readers to know I'd never resort blatantly to putting Colt Brennan's name in a post for no real reason, nor would I consider writing stuff about Colt Brennan that really did not have to do with Colt Brennan just so I could get Colt Brennan hits. Colt Brennan.

Jason Campbell and Colt Brennan: Susan Walsh / AP from here.