Sunday, July 27, 2008

Redskins Training Camp Day Four - Sponsored by Gas-X

God Jon what did you eat last night, moose?

Wednesday 23 July 2008

WaPo training camp tracker: rookie safety Chris Horton, Jim Zorn didn't know how to deal with a storm which is weird coming from Seattle, Jason Taylor on number 55.

In receiver estates, the Redskins are hoping to get more out of their WRs than last season which was only marginally better than 2006 which was a little better than 2005 when the Redskins receiving corps was Santana Moss and three commuter dummies.*

My early prediction of the regular season receiver depth chart: Santana, Antwaan Randle El, Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, James Thrash, Anthony Mix (maybe).

In cornerback land, the Redskins' seem to be pushing cornerbacks closer to the line of scrimmage in a press coverage rather than dropping them off the line in man to man or cover-2 as in the days of Gregg Williams. In press coverage the CBs duel with the receivers at the line and try to knock them off their routes, or at least disrupt the timing of the pattern. The downside here is if your guys are not physical enough or miss the contact or get juked at the line then the receiver is free and clear until and unless the safety can get over and make a play. Press coverage is part of an aggressive defensive style, not one prone to laying back and seeing what the offense gives. Fred Smoot is also giving out new nicknames for the season. So will I at some point.

In defensive line burg Demetric Evans is looking good this year and with the loss of Phillip Daniels may play a bigger role this season (op. cit.), when Jason Taylor needs a blow or it is an obvious running down, Jason Taylor is not know for his run stopping abilities, Demetric may see some time at left defensive end, Demetric is ten pounds heavier than last year (op. cit.).

In punter palisades there seems to be little in the way of competition right now with the I am sure aptly named Jugs machines doing the work. Derrick Frost must just be sweating balls, is it me or is it hot out here?

Players were in pads for the early practice most veterans had the afternoon off, rooks and youngsters had to stay and work.

In linebacker town, everyone please join me in welcoming London Fletcher's new baby boy, Courtney Fletcher (op. cit.). London I know you already have a girl, I have three boys so let me give you a head's up, boys are like a whole different creature.

In the quaint hamlet of offensive line Jon Jansen has the smelliest fahts on the team. A big guy with that many miles of intestine and that much red meat in his diet, yeah I'll bet his ass is rotten. And what is it with Casey Rabach aka Casey Nutsach and Jon Jansen and the obsession with each other's genitalia?

In coach county Jim Zorn is loquacious and the playbook ain't gone be no 700 pages.

Video of left tackle Chris Samuels and fullback Mike Sellers testing boating tubes? Priceless.

Lee at The Redskin Report is not in the Brett Favre for the Redskins camp. Somehow all this Brett Favre stuff gets attributed to me.

Michael Farnham at Hog Heaven appears to be attending camp, he says there is no quarterback competition, Jason Campbell seems to be in control of what of the offense Jim Zorn has asked him to learn, and that the receiving corps may be the best looking in a while. A long while.

From Will at Hogs Haven, Jason LaCa at Redskins Insider put up a piece (op. cit.) early that morning that per Jim Zorn Santana Moss was not out of the question returning punts this year, there being more help at receiver these days. Will digs up a good youtube of Santana and notes that Santana is the University of Miami's all time leading punt returner. Yes, he is the most dangerous man on the team in open space.

Suit of armor check, interior waterfall check, giant saltwater fishtank check, outdoor waterfall and outdoor living room check... check, welcome to Clinton Portis' house, happy birthday CP.

A Redskins themed prosthetic leg? Good for this guy, it is kind of sad that with the prevalence of injuries from the Endless Wars has contributed to the creation of an all new market for NFL licensing. In full disclosure Army sergeant Kevin Brown is a veteran of the Endless Wars but lost his leg in a motorcycle accident after coming home safely from his tour in Iraq. Seth if you are reading this please don't be a dipshit when you get back, keep it safe and on the road.

* Joking, of course, who didn't love David Patten, James Thrash and Taylor Jacobs, 47 catches between the three of them in 2005, we kid because we love.

The Redskins offensive line, running on methane: John McDonnell / Washington Post from here.