Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bruce Allen Is In as Redskins General Manager


A day of Redskins breaking news continues as another story is cresting, Bruce Allen, former Raiders and Buccaneers general manager and son of legendary Redskins coach George Allen, has been hired, or is in final talks to be hired as Redskins general manager. Like, a real general manager not a fake general manager like that guy that used to work here.

There was a story back in January of this year that Bruce Allen and owner Dan Snyder were quote in discussions unquote about a quote role unquote with the Redskins organization, nothing came of it and I wrote at the time, as I have over the years on Curly R, that there was no way in hell that a real, actual general manager, or a top drawer coach of the type that would demand control over all football decisions, would ever be in Washington as long as Vinny Cerrato was in place, that by definition Vinny and anyone else making decisions or interacting directly with Dan Snyder could never happen.

My assumption was of course that Vinny, an original survivor, would always allow the topic and these stories to bubble to the surface without ever letting them come to fruition.

Now if all this is true then perhaps, just perhaps Dan Snyder has realized, on his own or with the help of a convenient avalanche of fan and media input, that if he wants to build a real football team then someone else has to do it.

This is a football hire that strikes me two ways: First, Bruce is a real general manager who will set about doing things in a real general managery kind of way, from finding his own coach all the way through player selection and contract negotiations.

Second that he is no bullshit and hopefully would not come to Washington simply for a payday with the intent to let the owner push him around and ultimately convert him into another pathetic sycophant whose role in life is yesman.

This is a breaking story, if it turns out not to be correct then I am taking the Washington Post and Pro Football Talk down with me. That kid better be in the frigging balloon.

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Bruce Allen: Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images from here via here.